$$-->24/7 BIG Pro-Archer Boost + Phoebe Beast! -- Just Opened a few spots in KREATOR alliance TOP 225!<--$$

Second time recruiting from on here, let’s see how it goes!  Just cleaned house a bit from some inactives and looking for a few good new recruits!

**We have THE MOST active leaders in the game I’d say.  Several are >4500 trophies and donate maxed LEVEL 8 OGRES!  We activate more boosts than most other alliances (see below for list)!!!


**As of 10/20/18 — We NOW have the Phoebe beast!**


Our Alliance Stats

Alliance Name : Kreator

Current Members : 52/53

Gold Bonus : 45%

Alliance Level : 48

Current Rank : #213

Our TEN Elite Boosts ALWAYS active :

-Blazing knight

-Tough barricade

-Power Archer

-Holy Paladin

-Frost Trap

-Stunning Ogre

-Range Bomber

-Storm Cannon

-Raging Wolf

-**GIANT Archer Pro-boost!!**


Your Requirements to Join:

Level 70+ and 250k donations preferred.   BE ACTIVE, we have minimums for weekend wars/events which all must hit or you will be booted.  We communicate mostly via offline messenger (LINE app) which helps with strategy planning!


Any questions, please message me in game or LINE app @ Rocky969

One spot left, apply now!

Can I be a general there. IGN: King Aditya Kumar

Hey, I don’t believe that’s the best way to get into an alliance lol. Just apply and then work your way up, earn trust from the leader, build up your AT, and then you’ll be set for a general position. Also, helping people out in the alliance helps as well

Agree. Generalships are earned.

Some foolish generals are keeping people of lvl 50 but rejecting people of level 80. I want to be in that alliance but it stays full most of the time.


Most alliance are based off of the participation and amount of donations that a player has, not the player level

You should learn to crawl, before trying to walk  :grinning:

They have donations below 20k. Some are inactive. My is 150k and 100% active. It is foolishness to keep those and reject us.

Our basic guidelines for acceptance is 100k + donations, once in a while we accept some lower members in (if we just removed a bunch of members due to not meeting our war requirements, but it’s very rare).  We LOVE to have newer players join us, but they must be active and meet our weekend minimums which sometimes is hard if they cannot kill the weakest opponents in a war.

To be a general, honestly it takes several months of loyalty with high performance to achieve this (as with most alliances) and comes with time/trust.

 I believe I’ve seen your application in the past, however I don’t think you were accepted because your name VERY closely matched a previous member we booted for inactivity.  If you would like to join and are ACTIVE let me know or simply apply and I’ll look out for you.

I don’t found anyone who matches my name. I am a 100% active player. I play atleast 2 hours a day. I want to join Kreator. I will send an application. Soon. or now.

Accepted you sir!


Good luck :slight_smile:  

Thank You. I am very happy here. All boosts stay active 24/7. Many people to talk and share ideas. Most of them are helping. My troops stay full all time. I am happy.

Just removed a few members, spots are open! 

Come and enjoy the conquest mode for next time, we took 2nd place this first time and hope for increased strategy/organization next time for 1st place!

Apply now to get in before this war weekend!

Just finished another great war weekend in 2nd place!  We now have the Froster boost :-)  Join now, a few spots are opened up!

2 spots now open for this coming Conquest!

Just finished 2nd place once again!  Cleaned out a few low activity players…join now!