24/7 Boosts and More!

Pantin Pandas is looking for new members to fill our ranks! We placed 1st in our last war, but will be facing stronger competition next season! We look forward to gaining new and dedicated members!



           - 24/7 boosted knights

           - Extra boosts during wars (last season we used boosted barricade, paladins and traps!)

           - Our members always willing to give advise or just have a simple chat anytime!

           - Soon we will have a 2nd 24/7 boost added to the knights. Just need more members for donAlations to keep active :slight_smile:



           - Must be at least 2000 trophy level.

           - Must donate a minimum of 20k everyday.

           - Alliance Wars are mandatory! Failure to fight in wars will get you removed from alliance.

           - You must inform a general should you not be able to fight in wars to prevent being kicked. Just when how long and why.



We look forward to fighting with you, our upcoming new members!