24/7 level 6 blazing knights and archers looking for new members!

KnightLightFoodFight, is looking to add a few new active members to our level 23 alliance. We are a small but tough team - placing in the top 3, 9 out of 10 war seasons. Consistently fending off teams much bigger than us.   Member count from last season’s war: 22/28 (us) 36/36 34/25 23/29 48/48 25/31   We plan on staying small and eventually expanding to level 28 to get the boosted werewolf. If you are a casual player and want to join a team of mature players, then we are looking for you! We have 24/7 level 6 blazing knights and archers. For war time, we boost storm canons, tough barricades, spikes, ogres and more as needed.

Our requirements are: - Loyalty - 75k daily donation - 2500 trophies - 2000 skulls per battle during war, more if its a close battle - English speaking preferred - We respect private time so it is most important to have fun and to enjoy the game!

Please apply to join!



Would you consider letting me join?


I am a level 53 player.

I get about 2,500 skulls per battle

My trophies are 1,840

I have 4 level 10 farms.

And I currently donate 50k

Let me know i’f I can get a spot.

What is your IGN @RandomGoose? Would you be willing to upgrade to 75K and try to quickly get up to 2500 so you won’t get farmed during war?

Just curious, why does having 2,500 matter? If the defence is bad the person will get farmed either way and if trophies are lower wont the other alliances get less skulls? And then less skulls in the CoF for whoever is lowest in the group

Yes I am currently saving up for upgrading my alliance tower.

And I am always trying to get more trophies, So that’s a yes to both questions!

 IGN Random Goose

I applied to join please accept. My alliance tower upgrade will start in 9 hours