24-day Checkup TIA

Okay, in my fourth week now. Checking in again to see if any of you sages have any more advice. Again, I appreciate the help so far. Here’s where I’m at:

AL 94
Trophies 6,602
In the 60th-ranked Alliance
GK Exp LVL 20 (Perseus)
Construction in progress to unlock 3rd war hero before next battle
Gate LVL 12, statue at max
All barricades at max
10 towers at max, other four being worked on to max them as well
All heroes unlocked except Ajax (BTW, Titan code JGOZNEEUK)
Building Athena (Lvl 16) and Heracles (Lvl 17) as 2nd & 3rd war heroes
Academy LVL 11, high defense troops maxed, lower units being upgraded
Go to troops are Phoenix, Griffin, Siren
Shrine LVL 11, Powers I use are maxed, others over halfway
Go to powers besides uniques are Asclepis, Bia, Damocles
Temple LVL 10, Harbor LVL 6

Forging is a challenge. Levelling up so fast it is almost pointless. Trying to keep the forge busy making 4-star items to roll into new stuff I run across, but mostly hoping to hold at around AL 100 and really catch up items then.

Mostly focused on raids to finish my upgrades and gain XP for war heros.

Would love thoughts on my defense. I know the two “L” shape barricades are an issue for players that know how to use their powers, but when I try those barricades somewhere else, they seem less effective. I also know I need to forge better resistance into my GK (again, that is a challenge at my speed). The Artemis tower at the top of the Helios is just there because it was the most powerful tower I had to use until I finish my other upgrades. Thinking of replacing it with either another Apollo or Styx. Defense troops are Phoenix and Griffin with a mix of spearmen, archers, and siren with one Cyclops wave thrown in. Guardhouse is LVL 10, all waves are at ten and several are upgrading to 11.

Here is my new primary cross layout. I also have an alternate parallel layout below. I am experimenting with a combination L/parallel as a third. I have tested numerous variations of each and none of my heros can get through on AP without invos. Both layouts defeat most players at my AL without invos.

Any thoughts about defense layout or other things I should be focused on?


You are doing great so far.level up all heroes to level 20.

My main problem is that I can’t forge fast enough to keep up without throwing obscene amounts of gems at every item I get. I’m not sure what I can do about that except grab some chests in the item shop and keep using invos on challenging defenses until I get to a hold level. Am I missing something in that regard?

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I have been one to advocate levelling up fast rather than progressing slowly. But that depends on your activity. You must have a good hero that you can use even after level up. You don’t need 12 especially how the game is now. But that said Eestil is right, lvl up your most useful heroes as after probably lvl 110 enemies get hard of you haven’t got good hereos, and there will literally be no options for battle to lvl up a hero and you will have to use the oddessy attempts and retreats to gain xp for your heroes rather than risk losing trophies fighting on the islands.

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Hey, while I am asking questions- how much dominance is required to unlock all the islands?

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300k at last I knew