24 h war - holiday already ?

I’d want to know if this incoming week we will have Clash as usual or if it has already been removed and thus we’ll have a war holiday … that also for planning war bonuses.


ciao Arte_mus

Hi @Artemus,

This weekend we have no war I am posting a screen shot just check the timer for the war.It is showing 11 days.So that means we have no war this incoming week.But this begs another question what will happen to the war Blessings.This week we have chaos gate activated.It is going to stay activated for two weeks or will end after seven days?

@CaptainMorgan could please answer my question.

thanks :slight_smile:  

thanks :slight_smile:

The second war will be after 12 days.

Yeah war Blessings can extended 14 days! that’s mean the next war will be 2 days.