24 Hour Black Smith Event is BS

There is no time to make any real improvements or melt a lot of pearls. BS needs to be 72 hours at least. 

Two perks in 24 hours does not improve items or spells or defense like upgrades do. 

Its 4 forges, not 2

1 in start

2 in 12 hours

3 in 24 hours( near end of event)

4 in 36 hours


not bad


for sure they want you speed up 

Flare wants you to spend more gems and speed up the cooldown hahahahjjjahahhahaha

Another thing BS needs is to add the 30% extra pearls when an item that started melting within the event timeframe finishes melting, not add 30% to the total of pearls that are collected while the event is in effect.

1 in start, except for all of America’s and much of Asia it starts while people are sleeping. So if you live on US East Coast and get up at 6 pm and the first thing you do is grab your phone it is already 4 hours in to the event. So the most you can do without gems is two perks. 

And I don’t count the next day since it is not during the event. 

Spend 20k gems to refresh your sp 

Wake up and start.  Not big deal

dnt blame others if you are love to sleep))

Btw its another post about nothing, i just added my 5 cents about everyone who want can get 4 fprges for free.

also seems next event will be community week

its only 3 for free max, as you cannot do the 4th one as it will put forges in CD if something like CW starts next week. 

Could also be a Blacksmith Festival @cr1, maybe the Blacksmiths bird as a new pal!


this event you can use 4 times. Do or not its up to you)

Even if you were to get up early it is still only two perks in 24 hours. If you are a second late on the first one at 04:00:01 CET, you can get one more at 16:00:01 CETof the event, and not be eligible for another until 04:00:01 the next day – after the event is over – without gemming. The idea that you can get three in 24 hours is patently untrue unless you are a bot on a high-speed financial trading line. 

So getting up early doesn’t get you anything. 

But that’s not even the real point. The real point is that a 24 hour upgrade for defense or castle or troops results in significant improvements to defense and/or offense, while a 24 perk fest with at most three perks (being generous here) does almost nothing to improve either.

As I noted, if each forge lasts 12 hours, there can only be two in 24 hours, not three, because the third one – even if you are perfect – would happen at 24:00:01.


thats why.

If you want to ignore the fact the 4th will put you in cd for the following weeks event and that the event is over when you suggest the 4th time… then you might as well say this event you can do 10 forges, after the first 3 the rest just do in the next few months.

according to the post the event runs for 25hours. 

OK, so three – assuming you interrupt your sleep to do the first.

If they are going to allow you three, then it should be eight hours – the normal night’s sleep – longer than the 24, not one.  One benefits folks who are awake when it starts, and no one else.

P.S. Sorry, that sounded snooty and was not intended to be.  Thank you for the correction.

When have they ever done a BS event right after a BS event?  

So why not do a 4th upgrade that takes 7 days?  

Why ypu cant do 4 still dont understand

i wait for community week in the beginning of March)

i will do 4 this time. 

1 in the start

2 in 12 hours

3 one hour before the end

4 in 11 hours after end)))

if you do #4 11 hours after end,  CD is for 7 days 168 hours. 

CW / BS event can start 5 days, 120 hours after event.
then you can miss out 4 forges. 

as i say, if you want to ignore the fact the event has ended, and future event, why stop at 4?
why not 5? 6? 7? more?


1 in the start

2 in 12 hours

3 one hour before the end

4 in 11 hours after end)))

5 in 7 days 11 hours after end

6 in 14 days 11 hours after end

7 in 21 days 11 hours after end.

we could go on

100 in 658 days 11 hours after end.

wow this event is awesome, we can get in 100 forges during this event  :rolleyes:

Its strange point.

  1. i dnt trust CW will be NEXT week

  2. in this 2 upcoming days you can do 4 forges. Its better? For me yes


good WARRIONATOR DNT SEE our dialog. 


PS its 9 day as i understand, not 7