24-hour cycle for in-game activity durations, please

"Newb Enablers" series

Many activities in OR require waiting times varying from minutes to days. I would imagine an average player logs in once a day for a few minutes/ hours to play. Here, when in-game activities have odd durations that don’t sync with the player’s timing, they become an inconvenience. Let’s take a few use cases. 



Use Case 2 - “The Curse of Blessings” : While managing Blessings by maintaining an Excel sheet, alliance managers find it challenging to calculate their daily budgets because of the odd durations of various Blessings. As the donation cycle itself is 24 hours, it makes sense to have the Blessings cycle also for the same 24 hours. ](

When Blessing durations are synced to a 24-hour cycle, the Founder can sync all Blessing activations/ extensions to their daily logins track all of them simultaneously with one renewal time (set as an alarm in the mobile phone). 


When strike lengths are a fixed 24 hours, those who log in once a day get to participate in strikes fulfill their duty to the alliance, while maintaining healthy work family lives. With a strike cooldown of 12 hours, these once-a-day logins could even enable participating in 2 strikes simultaneously. Please consider this as a long-term QoL suggestion. 

(_ PS : I’ll visualize a detailed post on the 24x7 war format later. Perhaps, I may conduct a poll on that._)

Thanks in advance. ☺️

I like the first two suggestions a lot, but I don’t like a 12/24 hr clock for war strikes.

What ends up happening is that, depending on time zone, on a 12 or 24 hour clock a strike ALWAYS starts or ends at a time when it is either convenient for a player or completely inconvenient. Strikes would end up starting or ending in the middle of the night, every single time, for a large portion of the globe.

When the strike cooldown timer is an “odd” number the starts and ends walk over the course of war and you have a better chance to not completely inconvenience a portion of your team just based on geography.

Regarding 2) You can hit those buttons repeatedly and stack time. And in the same sentence, you mention using Excel and finding it challenging to calculate. Shouldn’t Excel be calculating? :grinning:

Regarding 3) The offset timing does make it difficult for one person to handle all of those times, but that’s what makes a good alliance is having multiple people capable of running the well-oiled machine. :grinning:

I don’t see any problem with adding more flexibility. Just being a pest. :wink:




The premise of this suggestion is that participating at any time during the course of each strike is more important than participating only at the start or end of it. Any number less than 24 hours for Strike Length risks excluding a portion of the alliance members from participating in a particular strike. All members around the globe should be given equal chance to participate in each strike, irrespective of whether it is the start, middle, or end of it. ☺️

I get your point, but the start and end of strikes are just much more critical than the hours in between. The start is important because ultimately one person needs to push the button, and it’s usually after quite a bit of discussion, analysis, and negotiation. If you’re in Australia and war always starts in the middle of the night, and you need at least an hour to make an educated consensus of which island to strike against, and the very earliest that you can call the next strike is the middle of the following night, you could understand someone’s frustration. Having war start in the middle of the workday is often (or more often) just as inconvenient. 

End of strike is even more important, because you need as many players on as possible with as much fury saved as possible. If your alliance hasn’t gotten to that stage yet, trust me, it’s coming. 

Hmmm… well, I think I see what you misunderstood about the concept of 24x7 open-war format (my mistake as I did not elaborate in great detail as I usually do, but deferred it for my next detailed post on the 24x7 Multiplayer format).

In the 24x7 open war format, there is no fixed “hard start” of war enforced by the OR server. Like PvP, the Multiplayer mode is always " on", open for war alliances to declare strikes at their own convenient time. In fact, this concept itself is inspired by your earlier suggestion on “Battle Royale” (I don’t forget good ideas ?). The illustrated strike schedule table in the OP is just one representation with Monday forenoon as the " soft start". In the 24x7 open format, this could as well be Monday afternoon. It all depends on that one individual (possibly the Founder) who will initiate the strike during his/ her once-a-day login time. If the regular initiator is unavailable but a new strike is available, then another authorized member (probably, from another time zone) could initiate the strike, thereby shifting the entire strike sequence by hours. And, of course, the opposing alliance could initiate their strike on Monday forenoon at their founder’s convenience.

Once a strike is opened, members can join in during their once-a-day login to splurge their Furys mine VPs. If they wish, members can synchronize their once-a-day logins to the start or end of the strike, it’s their choice/ convenience. If the majority of members play in a time zone different from that of the founder, then the strike schedule can be pushed to align with their timings to enable “start/ end” availability. It’s open free-for-all fun, no pressure of alarms, sleepless nights, or distracted study/ work…! ☺️

(_ PS : I’m midway into visualizing the 24x7 war concept with all these specifications more. Like all my suggestions, it’s a long process. I also need to conduct a poll to gather other Forum members’ ideas on this, so I can incorporate those also into one consolidated suggestion for FG._)