25 Pal Donations Disappeared!

About a week ago I was excited to see that the Knights who say Ni were only 6 Kaiser Pal donations away from a level #2 Untamed Kaiser. 
But today, when I checked we are 31 donations away.  Somehow we lost 25 donations! 
This error can also be confirmed by other members of the Knights who say Ni including @UberBiff!

Is it at all possible that flare added a feature behind our backs that when a player leaves the alliance, he takes his donated pals with him? That’d be stupid if true, but most likely it’s just a glitch

I’ll save GalaMorgane the time and tell you to send a ticket to support :wink:  

I am wondering if the number of Kaiser Pal donations to reach level 2 may have been increased from 75 to 100…

Normal pals (not pro pals)  take 100 pal donations for unlocking level 2 beast, not 75. 

But that would explain the discrepancy. If it was 75 then we were 6 away from the next lvl and now that it’s 100 it’s 31.

It never was at 75. Hulk is right.

Well then we lost a bunch of Kaise pals.


That was my first thought also.  But yeah, Flare owes some some Kaiser Pals!

Help please, @GalaMorgane!


Well, indeed we are eagerly waiting for more helpful posts from Gala on many topics.

But this one is a question for the helpdesk. If you are absolutely sure you did not make a mistake with the numers there…

I already messaged the help desk.

And yes we are sure.