27/02 new events????????

Hi on 27/2

Its happy birthday rr2 

New event tomorrow? 

I think when Flare will start a birthday surprise, then Madlen will announce it soon??


Yep, Flare did say that, along with the RR2 Birthday Chest, we’ll be getting “a special surprise” when we log in! Can’t wait to see what it is!

Moved this to the ‘Events’ section. Side note - I hope to find gasper in the b’day chest :wink:

Same here, both Gaspar and G5000. I’d still use Donkey lol. Just like you, I love having every pal and guardian!

Mybe community week?? ?

There would’ve been a countdown already if there’s supposed to be an event on rr2’s birthday itself. No countdown.


My bet is, no event at all this week.

Yeah, but Madlen said it was a surprise… that doesn’t surprise me at all… ?

yeah no event at all is really disappointing…It s not so hard to trigger an event…Dont know…i m holding back on my perks cause I m afraid to not take advantage of a BS event…and nothing…

And the great festival is also disappointing…got not a lot of presents…and bought guardians chests…and got 2 guardians (lucky me) and mostly pearls and foods…really…disappointing…


555 gems, no?))

Yeah, but my post that you quoted was made one day before the birthday…at that point we didn’t know what the surprise was gonna be

I wish the events were regulated.  I am losing track of when anything starts.    Holding on to parking.  Also even if events are weekly,  some of the items that we perk have 8 days cool down.  So in case blacksmith comes.    It is hard to plan.   Not sure why the countdown is not showing up.  Maybe it is a community week coming?  Been so long since that happened

2 weeks no event ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

The festival counts as an event and the week before the festival started we had a Boost your Offense event. We haven’t missed an event, but hopefully we’ll get a normal one this week :slight_smile:  

festival was an event…? huh? damned…it s like a granny event…useless ?


So tired of waiting with tons of Pearl’s,    trying to plan around this is crazy.   Anyway just burnt through my pearls and perked

Finally conquest week. :slight_smile:

Conquest week? ?