(3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

Seems like no open topic was open.

What do u guys think about that new Odyssey?

Looks kinda cool but I’m not sure I’ve figured everything out yet… ;p


PS: welcome @oisia

_ It seems there is a bug with select enhancements, and hero for that matter _

_ sry my bad, use them wrong _

Athena, a goddess, now has the lowest level of damage to all eories, just R I D I C U L U S

good the improvements for the others heroes


If I understand well with the Harbor you have more advantage to do adventure level by level?

Level 1 you must take your time to get the enhance

after you level up at 2

Level 2 you gain the enhance

and level up at 3

and so on…

You lost enhance if by example you decide to level up from level 1 to 10 in one shot without do adventure

I am right? or that don’t have any importance at the final?

Awesome! Like it! But the harbor upgrade must be reversible.  :wink: The red warning is not enough. 


I had a problem with the odyssey in the afternoon. While I was playing, suddenly the Odyssey stopped and now needs 6 days to start again the fights. I thought that I must upgrade the building to level 7 to continue but when I upgraded this , the problem was still there. I can’t fight anymore if don’t pass 6 days… Maybe this is a bug

Greek Mockingjay

Nice Update. I liked it so much by making the players busy.I stopped playing the transformers game after the update is out.

But the need of the resources is too much, Athena and ajax are nerfed. Please increase the wisdom production of the islands or decrease the amount of wisdom required for the odyssey and we hope that the rewards in the odyssey chests are a lot better because it demands so much gold and wisdom.

But little bit disappointing thing is there is no new hero. 

Thanks for the update.


It is not fair everyone gets different featured heroes. I got Perseus, Ariande and now Prometheus, its impossible to beat islands in high skull adventures. While my friend got Cadmus, Athena and Ajax. 

can we attack the same island when we lost the battle??

I mean when we unfortunately lost the attack, can we re attack the same island??

You can attack as often as you want, and as long as you got the resources …

Having finished my first Odyssey, a few remarks:

(i) the chests contain crap, at least the first 3. On the other hand, fighting at higher difficulty level with heroes I had neglected was impossible. Several top members of our alli also only scored 3 chests. Otherwise, you would have to spend a lot of gems !!

(ii) the bonus, about 0.5 % plus at difficulty level 5 per 5 islands conquered, seems a bit too small for the effort. Considering 50 Odysseys per year, this means I can reach about 50% plus for 3 different units and/or scrolls within one active year, only ?!? Reminds me of the XP in chests, those where also much too small at the first implementation …

PS: I miscalculated ;):wink: . It’s even less, 25% plus only …

This update only takes our money to be able to play as they have improved the heroes that require gems to be used as Perseus and Elena
Athena, a goddess who should be the strongest hero, has become the weaker hero and is obliged to use invocations> gems> money to break the gate of Apollo
If I had known that Athena would become so weak I would not have spent 900 gems, 10 euros to unlock the power slot
I’m a Microsoft user and if they do not get Athena as it was before, report this behavior that has cheated us
Also do it if you are Apple Google customers who are attentive to their customers

If we do nothing, they will think that we are sheep and things will get worse



Alert the members of your alliances and your friends not to spend money to improve Athena who as it is now is not capable of anything

what’s that 591 resembles??

This is the amount of Fame earned so far. ?

@doomlord786 the 591 is your rank in the Hall of Gods, the number on the Trident is, as Ataide mentioned, your current Fame earned in the Odyssey.

is there any leader board for the hall of gods??

The Hall of Gods is the Trophy Leaderboard. You can access this by tapping your Trophies in the main HUD.

LoL understood.


I just now completed my first Odyssey at 7 skull difficulty lvl 

It was so disgusting that I got 2 godlike, 2 eternal and a legendary chest this is so embarrassing. I expected at least 1 titan chest.

Try upgrading your Harbor. A level 8 Harbor allows you to get up to 3 Titan Chests each of which has a high chance to contain a unique item  :grinning: