3.8 is fantastic! With the possible exception of...

Pro boosts. I’m worried that already extremely powerful alliances will get even stronger in relation to others because of these boosts. With the month long wait time between free tickets, even mid ranking allainces may not be able to take advantage of them. Seems like a bit of a cash grab directed at those already spending to me. I suggest making tickets much cheaper, or having 2 free tickets per month, or both. 

Otherwise, there seems like plenty of new content in the update, which is awesome. Some long awaited features have finally been implemented, like a forge button when you get the item. Was about time! Thanks for continuing to improve the game.

Also, can someone clarify the taverns? Is it all 4 combined that produce 1.5m per day? Or is 1.5m per day for each of the 4 (6 mil total)?

Do these boost apply inside the Pro-League?  Or just outside.  I’m not as p!ssed if they just apply outside Pro-League.

Concurred. I doubt they do though, since there are some boosts for towers. I dunno about you, but I’d rather not pay to make them harder 

i agree,for a regular player its very difficult.v get 1 pro ticket per month nd the whole alliance suffers.those who can pay play 4 pro league.this creates divide nd huge difference in power bwt gold,regular nd skill players.at least provide 2-3 free pro tickets  month.

Like I mentioned in another topic, I won’t be surprised that some inactive accounts suddenly will revive, just for giving that free ticket away. It’s very simple, just create a new alliance with those inactive accounts (throne room 10+),  go there when you need new pro tickets, activate those accounts, give the tickets to your main account and there you go, free pro tickets. 

The idea from giving away tickets must be coming from drunk persons. Come on, even a child does understand this feature will be abused. Fun part is that it will cost you a lot of cash, who needs to buy pro tickets, when this ‘nice’ feature is providing free tickets.

You must have lost your mind Flares. Are you that desperate?

It could be a trick to capture people who use multiple accounts. In that case, very nice move.

It could be indeed, but how you proof it’s the same person using multiple accounts? That the same players constantly donate their tickets to one account only leads to suspicion, but it’s actual proof you need. And that’s quite impossible. When you know a feature is going to be exploited… Give some amongst us a finger, when you don’t be careful, they take your complete arm. So please don’t make it possible to transfer pro tickets. 

I rather see that this will be reverted. If a few of your team want to help their team mates, better buy the alliance subscription. With the daily extra gems, their members can buy their own pro tickets. I am not promoting to buy alliance subscriptions to be clear. 


Proof could be:

  • The IP address, the proxy server, the device (I think the game can read what model of device you are using?, for example Galaxy S7 Korean Version), the MS account (to counter multi-acct on Windows PC)… are the same for all mini account.

  • The activity of the mini accounts: for example power leveling to throne 10 then suddenly drop in activity, login once a week only, dont participate in any event

  • The alliance they are in: the main only visit their alliance shortly to receive the tickets, then back to main alli. They usually stay in a self organized alli, which usually has poor performance compared to a normal alli.

  • Lastly, it’s clearly multiacct proof when for example 10 players donate their free monthly ticket to ONE players, while maintaining a poor performance themselves.

If a player manages to make all his alts works like normal account (ie having a good performance in wars, event, forge, upgrades) then he “deserves” the ticket. He has no life.

* VPN’s 

* Mac address spoofing

* Virtual Pc’s 

* Android emulators

* Free mail addresses

* Making use of public WiFi points or corporate networks (aka playing during breaks at work)

But don’t forget some of this could be legally used too.

Some folks like to keep their ISP from snoping their Internet use. Family members on 1 IP-address (making use of NAT). Same goes to the use of managing more then  mail-address. The list goes on.


You are a grasshopper SkyFantom… 

The ip thing comes first in my list, because it is the most basic filter when scanning for cheaters, not the most efficient way I know.

Thinking about it again, all my points is pointless, as Flares seems to ignore this. If they can count pro ticket received to detect multiple account, then they could do it long time ago with the voucher system.

They even ignored obvious proof posted my @Cromka1 of the leader of Apo multi acc.

They need everyone spend money to buy ticket

No matter or it will be 1 person who will buy 60 tickets for all or it will be 60 different

I think its not bad

What they can do with Revenant?

He is leader one of 3 top alliances ( VL APO TOD)- they will do nothing with him it was clear

Point of my post was- unbann viets. Its shame- they affraid to touch Rev, but easy bann usual players.



I dnt like Apoc and Rev personally.

But my post was not about them, but about double standards.

My opinion they must allow mucltiaccing


I too was once like you. These days I know people will find ways to play a game their way and I for one do not care about it. I make my own goals.

Furthermore ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ comes to mind if you feel like it. All fine with me.

I even believe if those additional accounts are making use of the free upgrades while viewing the advertisements FG is paid simple as no free game is really free. If you don’t pay for stuff or pay for a subscription advertisements are usually incorporated to get cash as one means for those companies providing a ‘free’ game.

Note: if a free game comes with a hidden bitcoin add-in it would be beneficial for the game developer if people had more then 1 account. Is FG ‘evil’ enough to mine bitcoins via this game? I assume they don’t but I have not taken the time to really take a Wireshark session to the game either.


You forget that everyone will get a free ticket every 28 days. Since that’s the case, you just need 3 mining accounts who just are active for giving you 3 additional pro tickets and then you play for free. Many players who quit offered to let team members to take over their accounts. Some have been inactive, but it’s easy to make them active again. 

Flare doesn’t get any cent of that, so no tickets need to be bought by taking advantage (or better call it abuse) of the system. And do you really believe that players will be so dumb to buy those pro tickets when they can get them for free? Don’t think so. 

Actually flare is losing money by this action.

And flare make free tickets in chests and lose money

theyhave like 70000 players

i think 10% conversion is good for them) 7000 tickets per week

And im sure soon will be like 5 scrolls per pro event) they will add it for sure)

Im not sure if having multiple accounts is specifically within the rules but I don’t think it’s written anywhere that you can’t do it either. Afaik they haven’t gone after anyone on grounds of having and playing mutliple accounts. So, yeah, flare really shot themselves in the foot with this 

Unless they actually want players having and playing multiple accounts to inflate the number of active players… maybe?