3.9.0 Bugs (Windows Phone user ?)

Hi Flare Game Team,

Following the update 3.9.0., i have noticed 2 bugs now :

- Gear color : When I applied one color on a gear, this color is exactly the same in all wardrobe slots. I can’t have one color for the slot A, other one for the slot B, and others.

  • War lap : The war is finished, but when I go to the resume of the laps war, I see  that fights of gamers are on 4 and not on 6 (and the others sessions war : all laps are on 4).

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:  



No help about this bugs (the 2nd is more important to update my war stats alliance…please)… @GalaMorgane, @FTB, @Nikko

Thanks !


Gear color has always been like that, it’s not a bug and it’s not a 3.9 thing. It’s just that colors are assigned to individual items, regardless of what set they’re in. I suppose a way to circumvent it would be to assign colors to gear types in each gear slot separately rather than items, that way you’d have multiple colors of the same items and colors would automatically apply to whatever new item you put on in that slot (e.g. set cape to blue thus every future cape you put on would be blue by default until you change the setting).

The war rounds thing is a long time visual bug though. It’s been noted multiple times but apparently not important enough to fix.

Hi @JiggleFizziks,

Thanks you for your reply. But before the 3.9 update, i can apply one color to my cape in slot A 'exemple blue), red in slot B, green in slot C , etc…

Now, if I apply a color in one slot, it is applied for all slots, and not for one.

For example, I have a slot where my hero wear gold armor, the color is completly gold.

Now, my hero wear the gold color in all slots… The difference to know is more difficult for me because I use differents slots for differents battles (gold for gold, dark for war, colored for normal battle, etc…)


for the war, it’s frustrating. I make stats on my alliance and the resultats are wrong with this bug…So, frustrating :slightly_frowning_face:


Note : Sorry for my bad english…


after the last update does not make me buy more your offer ? .