3.9.0: Changing wardrobes from the battle screen does not update bread, skulls and medals

Change wardrobes from the battle screen, that have a different amount of farmer perk. The amount of bread needed for attack is not updated! You need to exit and reopen battle screen to get updated amount.

Maybe it’s only a visual thing, which obviously need a fix anyway… BUT can you try to check if you fight for less bread if the bread is not updated in the battle screen? Check after the raid if you lost default bread without farmer perk or you lost bread with the farmer perk


Yes, I tried, and it is only a visual bug. The correct amount of bread based on the farmer perks is used.


Good to know at least it’s not full bugged.

Or to bad it isn’t bugged. Otherwise enable your farm gear and then switch. That would be a bread saver  :grinning: . But it’s indeed a visual bug only. 

We will take care of this visual bug, thanks :slight_smile:

It’s probably not just a visual bug. I entered preview with the higher bread requirement then changed to the gear set with a lower bread requirement, pressed button to enter raid, then I immediately lost game connection.

However, it’s true that it does not result in a false bread cost.

Edit: ok maybe I’m a little late on this topic…

@FTB, when you are taking care of this visual bug, please fix also that the number of skulls that can be won (in case of a war) is also not updated when changing wardrobes. Neither is the number of medals updated, but IIRC, that has never shown the effect of a medal bonus perk, right?