3.9.0: Tool-tip text for Luck perk is wrong when no pro item used

The new tool-tip text for luck perk is wrong when there is no pro item used. Then it says my luck perk is 0.00%, but my pro bonus luck is showing the item’s luck perk. See screen shot:

@FTB Currently the Tool-tip in the Stats Overview for the luck perk is very buggy. Another bug is that if you try to switch to wardrobe “A,B,C or whatever” using left or right and then you click on the PRO-LUCK BONUS, the message display the old (first) stats overview you opened with:

Starting with Wardrobe B:

Now i used the left arrow to switch to wardrobe A and then i clicked on the luck perk tool-tip:

The tool-tip still shows the old message with 7.76% instead of displaying 9.61% in the description!

Both will be fixed, thanks for reporting!