3.9.0 update is coming!


Thanks for the info Opelle!


Thank you @oPelle for being so kind in sharing the information.

Looks cool but I’m confused why Pelle posted it faster than FG :wink:

Several nice improvements here!

@GalaMorgane Does that mean that there’s no event this week? If there’s no event, many of us are fine too. We just want a confirmation, and we really appreciate if you could let us know since many of us are still waiting…

Thanka a lot @oPelle…the update seems exciting. Don’t make us wait more flare. @GalaMorgane

Forum was priority some time back…  :wink:

When will this update come out? Tomorrow, next week sometime?

First, I like a lot of the speed up things like collecting all resources and melting multiple items. 

Questions… 1) are item slots really going to be 8 gems? That would be amazing. 

2} for the pro league tiers it looks like 499th place will no longer get 2 pro chests. How come? 


it was probably 8 gems because it was a low level account with nor many slots unlocked. 208 gems for 5 slots at once isn’t 8x5

If so it looks like 5 for 208 is a bit of a rip off, wouldn’t you say? :wink:  

Never ever. 

I’m the most hyped about event annoucements in game. I hope we will know in advance what event is going to start when exactly. IThat being said, will we get any event this week ? :slight_smile:

About in-game events, they renewed the interface of the event to be more clear to the player.

In Game Announcements are finally there. Great :wub:

Somebody finally did listen…

The rest is appreciated too

  • Collect all ressources at once
  • Buy 5 item slots at once
  • Switch item slots on Battle Screen
  • Select multiple Items to meltdown
  • New Tool tips for stats
  • New Pro League Tiers - Rearrange Pro-Cup Setups

It looks like version 3.9 is full of bug fixes & UI enhancements.That in game announcement feature was much needed .Thanks for that.Now it’s sure that version 4.0 is already in testing internally &will make it’s way very soon with tons of new features in it.Thanks Flare :wink:

Why do you say that?