3.9.0 update is coming!

Looks like a decent number of small, but useful, quality of life enhancements.  Some are pretty niche, like buying 5 slots, but I’ll use some of them a lot - e.g. the single button resource collection and switching gear sets at the battle screen.  Definitely also like the in-game event announcements. Hopefully the BS event they showed was a not so subtle way of saying what the next event is. :slight_smile:

Pretty nice update, hope they continue to refine the game…next is to remove some lame feature and simplify the game so new player wont be so lost…

Pretty excited to see them release update while PL is running and fcking it up again, rewarding us extra minutes or free pro chest ?? Go FG!!

Switching spells and troops during pro league is very useful!

looked like it at the beginning, then I saw that it was only the in-game announcement, my bad

It won’t be of much help if the in-game event announcement is there to only announce when the event ends, but not when it starts.




Amazingly awesome updates , good to see that no more stress this time to upgrade the new stuffs again. Hope no new bugs will appear with the update. THANKS FLARE. Best thing i like is more information on stats , it helps new player to know more about game stuffs… Good step to attract nrw player.

SUGGESTION - Now you are stepping right , start working on war seasons now , give them a new look. That will be too a good thing which everyone wants. Hope in next update you will bring something new to war seasons.

What is this… Any guess?

Sorry for bad quality of pic… I’m in a remote area currently… So not a good network condition.  

@mLordPk I think that goes with the subscription

I think it help to buy new wardrobe slots currently we have only four , we can buy till 8. No correct and more information i do have.

Yup… Some time of purse… Green plus is pointing towards subscription…Is it infinite inventary for subscription period??  Just a wild guess… ?

Answer please??? Gala

Fast way to get access to the button “Add new slot”. Direct way to buy new inventory slots.

Very cool features in the new update. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:  

yeah, my favorite is the changing heroes in the battle setup

The swap gear setups will be the most useful for those of us that use multiple ones.

      - Nice in dungeon and ninja as a reminder of running setup and a way to check without exiting.

Collect all also nice not sure everyone will use as BS taverns are often left accumulating

regardless some nice new things  that I think everyone will find at least one useful  :grinning:


Opelle I think I will still buy one at a time(x5) based on cost :grinning:

The biggest question I have for Flare, and I hope they answer, is will the in-game announcements include a countdown to start, or will the event just start and we see it at first available time we log in, which could be hours after it starts. I believe everyone will want a countdown to start.

hopefully there will be a countdown, and one (much) longer than 24hr!

conversely if they would reduce in progress cd’s to the event limits… then countdowns / announcements before event start wouldn’t be required / be an issue.

video shows a pro cup named ‘Girl Power Cup’… Is it coming??