The chat stopped working after the update.

I hope it will be fixed before the war. 


Well, thanks god the limitations of the system caused us to rely on discord heavily… Plus I believe those few left in utter silence would join the flock now.

Hey guys,

The team is aware and they are working on it. Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for the quick solution.  :slight_smile:

The color for Captains is very hard to read. Veterans stand out much more.

@dumpster Can one see the colours when visiting someone else’s alliance?


I haven’t received the update yet.

I think you need the update to see the colors. General is pink, officers are orange, captains are a blue color that’s very similar to the background color, veterans are white.

@dumpster Yes, still waiting for the update. What I wanted to know is if for example I visit someone else’s alliance, will I be able to see the colours of the respective members? Or does it only work in my own alliance?

I received the update. What colours is everyone talking about? I can’t see any colours.

It’s only the chat box

I see. I’ll go check.

Got it. 

It Is Happening Again. 

There is no chat history after “Server Update - 26 February 2018”.

You mean nothing is displayed or the history was simply wiped (too lazy to check myself)? If it is the later, than it is fine and is probably due to update wiping some logs out

It is wiped every time you start the game.

…or it probably just isn’t displayed.

I HAVE problem after server update 

old message appear i delete them again then they keep returning when exist the game and start again every time 

@AliM @Morgul could you please confirm you are using version 3.9.2 and not version 3.9.0?

yes I AM using version