Affirmative  :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, we’re looking into it.

@CaptainMorgan, mine keeps on disconnecting after the server update. Then all the notifications (messages on the inbox) keep coming back up even after I delete them.

@CaptainMorgan, I keep disconnecting while I delete the said messages and while I open chests.

Dont delete them or game diconnect 


Same problem  @CaptainMorgan.

We are looking into both issues, a fix will most likely go live early tomorrow. Sorry for the frustration.

Chat problem . I write a message for my alliance then i left and joined the new alliance.  Now the message appear in new alliance chat !


  • update , the chat keep emptying automatically , anything I wright not showing after i restart  the game , also i cant see any other members message , empty chat 

same problem

This is normal, the messages from the old Alliance will disappear the next time you start the app. This is a personal chat history, not necessarily connected to the Alliance. No other new Alliance members can read it.

It’s Alive!  :slight_smile:

I see my chat history again. Thanks.

…but it seems that something has changed. Only the new messages were displayed in the bottom chat box, and now it scrolls all messages from the first one. ?

The update you did broke something else … now we don’t see any longer who in the alliance activate bonuses. Instead than the name of the player, the game writes the name of the alliance…


Yes, we’re fixing this now. The update contained some preparations for a newer game version, which although they shouldn’t have affected 3.9.2, have caused some problems.

Also normal members can accept/reject user’s application 

What?! Even foot soldiers? Damn. Lol.

It still rotates all messages.

There was an update today that should have fixed that. @Morgul

It seems the update didn’t fix this correctly, we’re working on getting it fixed.

Yes @CaptainMorgan 

I am still reading messages from four days back?.

But thank you for making trophy loss lilttle bearable?.