General thread for feedback and version discussion. You know the drill people, enjoy the rant.

The chat ticker does not show who exactly leaves or joins the game.

But I like this update anyway.  :wink:

Great job.  :slight_smile:

I hate, that the unique cursed chests are stacking and you can only do one quest at the same time. That is a bad design and completly unnecessary. One quests takes allready more than a week (they are designed like that). So for my second chest, I have to wait now 2 weeks until i can even start the quest. That is bullshit.

Aside from the chat becoming “ugly”, the update is lovely.

chat is very hard to read if you are elderly like me. but still better than before.

Same. Very small. But I’m on iPhone6, not one of those big new ones.

Chat is awfull. Very tiny letters. Too much space left for half right side. Using big letters help a little bit. Fonts must be x2 x3 size… 

boost problem fixed , work normally with 7255 days fixed , even if the date after 2038 on 32 bit device 

because today 

January 19th 2038 is:

19 Years
10 Months
5 Days
2 Hours
32 Minutes
54 Seconds


How many days until… 7251 days until year 2038 , that year break 32 bit device , my boost now 7255 more then year 2038 ( 7251 ) , so the game boost wont effect anymore by having boost beyond year 2038 on 32 bit OS in smartphone


The chat flickers horribly every time it updates :confused:

We can all agree that the font on the new chat system is too small.

many quests actually can be done in few days, 2 to 5 days to complete is pretty common actually.

--------> sorry, this is wrong, I messed up the quests of cursed Titan chest and cursed Unique chest. For the cursed unique chests, yes, it usually takes more than a week.

but if the quests are changed to be listed in parallel, it will be a welcomed change.

Definitely a plus for unstacked chests

A minor minus of me getting Nemean claws after cursing Nemean claws, which may be a bug, yet was still very frustrating indeed. The rest of my forged dupes (5) turned out to be new unique items, which makes me question whether we only get unique items or dupes too? Also, does this reset our chances to find uniques in normal chests? If it does, then It is counterproductive.

Chat is very hard to read for any role but officer if you use something other than max brightness on Ipads. blue on blue is simply invisible, dark red is too dark to be legible and yellow is the only color that is apparent enough (white too, but we dont have many white roles online). Hence, just like the others said, we need a bigger font and probably better spacing, as it really feels more like a degenerative update at the moment. My call would have been to add the chat switching tabs on top of the old window and introduce your two new windows in the same design. Would have been much easier to use for me. Also, one of my lazy members suggested that the tab color should be reversed. i.e. deselected tabs should be red and selected should be orange. 


Agree, this is very important.

And all the comments to the chats are to the points.  It’s not a lovely change.

Hoping that the chat system gets revamped again next update. It kinda took a step back rather than it taking two steps forward.

@CaptainMorgan @GalaMorganeMaybe it is easy to read chat at tablets or pc. But most of us use phones. So it is so hard to read chat for me and for my alliance (mean age is over 40). There is much space at right side and fonts must be x2-3 for reading… 

Thanks for all the feedback, regarding chat: we will certainly be improving the chat readability in the next version we release. This version was focused more on getting the functionality of channels and receiving notifications in chat working.

When you click on the chat window, it only shows you a wall of connected/disconnected. You have to scroll up to see any actual chat or the alliance motto. 

The alliance motto doesn’t get prominently shown in the bottom chat window any more. Bad change. 

When someone leaves the alliance, you used to be able to click the “i” next to their name to bring up their page and see where they went. Now it just takes you to the alliance card. No good!

captains may as well not post anything in game. 100% impossible to read. It was bad before, now impossible.  I’m surprised that didn’t get caught by QC before the update rolled out. 

i agree with everyone chat is totally disasters and when you delete something need loot off time to refresh big - for chat and also in previous update i don’t know exactly wich one quest table is ugly and totally disaster old one was perfect 


It could be such design.

Ciao Dumpster, for those who are used to play games in a pro way, those are all extremely serious issues. they really spoil the gaming experience. 

it has been “fixed” something that was not broken at all.