3.9 update ?

I am not update, i use iOS 11.2.6 ip6s plus, please check now :slightly_frowning_face:

wait a bit longer, everyone will get their update eventually :slight_smile:

Iam dont play game,  are you ok, you very happy ?

I cant play game one day, not update not play game ?

I dont playe game ?

Not update ?

Fle…  stress you Ok ?



Please don’t spam. Thank you.

The update is coming, don’t worry.

Many thanks,


I dont spam but i dont player game one day?


I cant play game one day ? RR2 Ok ?

As usal, we have to wait for the App Store. (IOS)

4 hrs now… 


Update now available at the App Store. (West Germany) 


I was able to get it from the app store by going to updates and swiping down on the screen. That refreshes the update page and gave me the update. Another user on the forum gave me the solution.

I hope that works for you.


I’m on a desktop and use a mouse. How can you “swipe” using a mouse? I tried going through Settings and it repeatedly says there are no updates available. I cannot get into the game at all–I just keep getting sent to the “No Updates Available” page.

This is beyond frustrating and has me cursing both Microsoft AND Flare.

My solution was for the iPad and Apple Store, not for Windows.

NOW you tell me…

Well if anyone has a solution for us poor screwed over (AGAIN) Win 8.1 people, we’d surely appreciate it.


@GalaMorgane already noted there’s an issue with 3.1 that has to do with Microsoft and not Flare.

I just spent more than one hour with MS game tech customer service about this issue. Their response? Boilerplate after boilerplate trying to shift the blame to my computer.

Well I guess Flare and MS don’t care about alienating their paying customers. Which means they’ll simply have less of them in the future.

I have Windows 10 and am having the same issue .  Not able to update

I am on a PC with windows 10 and all I did was click on my tavern…click “free boost”…watched a video of whatever…then clicked on that button that says “Get This Game”.

Once I was at the Microsoft store I searched the home page for “Royal Revolt 2”…

Then I saw there was an “Update” button.

Clicked and got my 3.9 update and have had no issues.

Hope this helps…