3.9 vs 4.0

I’m just curious to see how people feel in general after the hype…

I’d like a neutral option because the first conquest made me feel weakly more negative about the game, but that could change to positive if they fix the issues with the feature.

Good point.   Now it is negative and could become neutral in future.    I cannot spend 24/7 on a damn game.  Simple and easy feedback

I lean more towards negative, but I like the idea of having a neutral choice in this poll. Also, I think that, once flare makes some changes, this new update will be just fine :grinning:  

Add a neutral option too.??? That it was very bad.

31 negative vs 4 positive is like 90%…

flare can soon shut down the Servers ?


They should rename 3.9 as 5.0 and release it ?

ouch 87% negative. By the way Pete don’t care. He only care about the 13% one ?

You remember his logic don’t care about the unsatisfied one but only care about the satisfy one. RR2 can die in peace now. R.I.P :slightly_frowning_face: