3 Alliances, AGAIN

Please have the devs fix this issue. Last conquest we were again on a four corner map with only 3 alliances, and AGAIN we were the ones in the middle. We took 1st place, but it was a 24/7 battle every day on multiple fronts. We do not have fun with this type of situation. I guess we are just unlucky, but a prompt to a triangle map when matchmaking  has only 3 alliances, would be VERY appreciated. Of course the other 2 alliances would not complain, since they had no opposing alliance on one side of their’s! 

We were in the middle too the one time this happened.     I am not sure if it is worse being in the middle as much as it is better to have the opening on your side.    



I think the devs ought to make a triangle map for this issue. I’m sure it happens in each of the 7 tiers. After all, only 1 of 4 times would the number of teams in each tier be evenly divisible by 4. You’d then have 1, 2 or 3 battles at each tier with only 3 participants. That seems often enough to make a triangle map, imo.