3 best offensive spells and why

With the advent of Monk and its healing and attacking abilities, the u se of a 3rd offensive spell seems a reality.

Which are the best combinations that you would use and why?

This will strategically help many as they maximize their monks to help them upgrade the 3rd offensive spell.



With the new update,definitely is bm,bs,blizz

All depends on strategy, preferences, boosts and perks actually. I know many at top level are using black magic, blizzard and bladestorm. But also swordrain, sonic blast and hammerstrike can be very usefull. Even toxic cloud can be used, as long as you perked the hell out of the slowdown perk.

I myself still prefer not to use (my maxed) monk, since when theyre unboosted they don’t heal (fast) enough for me. My stuff isn’t perked enough to make it work.


Hi An, at the moment my monks are upgrading to max. And I think Vester is giving the correct answer.

It’s all about a few details.

A top player has:

  1. more life points on hero. While some damage would be lethal to our hero, theirs will survive
  2. higher scream. They can keep an army together, while we can’t
  3. probably high start morale perks on gear. They can summon a few ogres plus monk, while we should use troops like knights
  4. more leadership. With this leadership he is able to summon more troops. At least way faster than we can.
  5. better perks and stronger spells due to forges
  6. stronger troops due to forges. Not only this, top players have unlocked highest monster levels, something we can’t
  7. probably boosted monks plus monsters with extreme high life points in comparison with troops we use. Their troops survive, while ours are killed.

At our level I don’t think it’s smart to use three offensive spells, unless we raid bases that don’t do massive damage to our hero and troops. I for example run too often under a green shower. I would need monks their help to heal the hero without a protective spell. Point 2 is a must. The monks should stay with the army and should survive at all cost. I tried it with my scream and can tell you it’s hard to keep monks with the troops. When we use knights, the knights run away from them. When I use arblasters the monks run away. When I use all three, the monks are running in the middle. Anyway, they are an easy target at that moment and even when I stay with them, then my knights are an easy target. I can’t be at two places at the same moment. So one of them is an easy target. So the question is if we can use three spells that make it possible to keep hero, monks and troops alive.

The answer is that it depends on the defense you are facing. I would say, try it out on friendly bases and especially of stronger team members and your own. Try first with two offensive spells and do it again with only offensive spells. I think you should get a clear picture and notice a big difference. Point is you need to protect the monks at all cost with three offensive spells, they keep your health in tact. At some bases you will have hard times to survive without protection. When monks die and hero loses a lot of health you lose either the entire raid or a lot of time to let hero get healed (avoid damage for a while) which could cost you your remaining troops.

Probably, you are right. I think at lower levels shield is utmost important to protect your army, especially, the monks if you need to have benefits from them.


Monk at max even unboosted is good for me until around rank 500, then you will need it boosted otherwise you go back to shield instead of 3rd offensive spell.


However theres a lot of combo variety in game now even at the very top which is very good 

Nice topic.  I still use shield, and sword rain or blizz.   All maxed.   My monk is still level 2 .   I am a 99 King .  Based on what Dena said, I am glad that I am working on other troops first and maxing monk last. 

In some weaker bases I go with 3 attack spells to finish the fight faster and collect gold

Oops. Also use sonic blast

Idk, but I somehow I can’t raid with monks, so I still prefer to use shield.

When it comes to spells basically all spells can be useful, depends what you like, need and what makes your raiding comfortable.


Personally I really like to use bs+sb on daily basis,  ocassionaly use blizzard as well. Used to raid with hammer as well, or like current war boost  - uberblaster, sr is very useful. From my own experience I also like toxic cloud and firestorm but they are more for fun, not a must spells to use. And it’s not true, you don’t need to forge the hell out of slow down perk on toxic. It’s became very useful since some time now even without any perk - it easily kills ogres and frosters, wide range really helps but of course, the higher slow down perk the more powerful  it is.

Don’t have bm upgraded yet so can’t tell.



Anyway, if you can master raiding with a monk I’m sure whatever offensive spells you choose will be good as long as you can use them and you like playing with them.



Monk + black magic is pretty much unstoppable btw

Because monk heal the ghost copied, shielding alone isn’t enough, they die rather quick with 50% hp to start with

I have a level 4 black magic, 24 morale.Thats two ogre for free at start while you can spawn other units first (if you use ogre in combo) instead of wasting morale.

Black magic also allows you to solo, say you just got past the U turn and your army struggling, go ahead and copy ogre or cannon, they take down gate and remaining tower.Always better than using a time warp haha

Sometimes in front of gate you are left with low dps unit, you can copy cannon.Two cannon take down max gate in 5s unless theres a doom gate lol so black magic is probably the best offensive spell atm without needing any forges.Sonic, blizz, bladestorm all need forges, toxic cloud in higher rank useless without slowdown.Idk firestorm, I just dont like it tbh


Yes, I too believe black magic is under- utilized. But it needs practice on when and how to use it. Say if you have only 15 morale and you use it when a wolf is there, it becomes a waste. So the BM should be strategically used not impulsively.



two best offensive spell is swordin and blizzard…even without perk added

but third offensive spells up to you if you can forge enough to BS or use SB

most high level kings using ogre wolf arblaster cannons frosters gargoyle tower skull towers and firebolts…

so one maxed blizzard take care of there wolf gargoyle tower and skull tower and slows down every unit and firebolt tower for.5 seconds… then one shot sword kills all ogre froster arblaster at one shot…more effective ,…finally units are cleared and tower are slows down use your scream then a sb or bs…bang on raid done…

i use … sheild,blizzard and  swordian

You right I don’t know when I raid someone and he put Skull Tower,with 2 or 3 Blockade at the same place in a corner and Werewolf I cannot stop thinking some player don’t know about defense or don’t ask their team for advice for a good base design. I have Blizzard level 12 and its so fun when you cast it and you destroy like 3 or 4 tower,and many blocade in a corner and heard the sound of the destruction. I don’t know why maybe 70% or more people use blockade with Skull tower and use Werewolf

for me I use right now its Heal,Swordrain to kill all easy units and Blizzard for Tower and Blockade and if I face a base with no blockade and Skull just Firebolt and Snake I change Blizzard for Sonic Blast

I use Blazing Knight its the best in the game,Froster for Skull and slow and depend I like use Pyromancer to have all weakness

I believe with the new update toxic cloud has been given a boost. Can you confirm at what level is it effective againsted boosted orges and wolves?


Not sure, I used a an old max level (15), it was effective against ogres and frosters, not wolves. Check on wiki, I I think it’s range changes with each level a range is very important in my opinion with this spell. 


Here’s a video after new level of dungeons indtroduced, my not max monsters + toxic against max monsters. However, the game since then changed a lot with all the forging, but still toxic can have  its use in game.



The effect seems to be slow. But max. level may help.

yeah, but as I mentioned, it’s range is really good, it can kill ogres on the the opposite path so you will never face them, of course it depends on your combo, in my case, without any range units it helped a lot.

Recently I saw a video by Mischreiber, he used on a top base max toxic forged not so many times, I think with 1.6 sec slowdown. So in this case, you don’t need to forge it that much to make a use from it.


Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact toxic cloud is a toxic cloud, the most unused spell it RR2 history. Even if it can be useful, as I mentioned, it’s rather for fun raids, not a must spell to upgrade, forge and use all the time. 

Currently you can use every single spell available in game, all of them can be useful, which is very good in my opinion.

True, what about black magic and monk experiences?


Black Magic is being upgraded, didn’t test it yet but at mine trophy range more and more people are using it and like it.
Did some tests with boosted max monk  in offense but can’t tell, don’t know how to use it yet, didn’t even try too much as my alliance doesn’t have the boost 24/7 and as I’m quite happy and combfortable with the WOK combo.