3 festival chests in the first day of Viking festival

In the first day of Viking festival, I obtained 3 chests for 31 crowns and the first 2 for the first 17 crowns (from 14 crowns). In my opinion, it’s a bug.

I’m not sure if this topic is written in correct section.

1st chest: 297 rewards + XP luck weapon.

2nd chest: 421 rewards.

3rd chest: 568 rewards.

I think I’ve been more unlucky than usual for rewards.

Dont know if i would say unlucky you have more coins than me and one item


you can get items from those chest?

i think your 1st and 2nd chest are the same one chest.

17 crowns is 1 chest, 297 is too low for rewards from one chest.
Taking a guess and saying you closed the chest screen (left to look at your item?) then came back to grab the rest of the stuff from chest - and thought you had 2 chests.

I’m level 110 and got 867 coins from my first chest. Mid-way through to the second chest.  No items.

I was only able to get 2 chests.

You most certainly can (I got the belt in a chest in last event). It’s pretty rare but you can get a sweet bonus sometimes, especially if it’s the item you actually wanted.

and if you buy the chest, means more chances to get those items?

I guess, but since what you get in a chest is random it’s more reliable to just collect enough festival points (by playing or purchases - the former usually suffices) to get the exact item you want. Festival chests are for those with excess gems that need several of those items and the pal, for whatever reason.

For me, the rewards have been absolutely ridiculous. I’ve got every chest that can possibly be gotten and each chest has given 400-500 coins up to now. Probably just my rotten luck.