3 King looking for an alliance

Ok I have 3 kings looking for a good alliance, never done the war bit, but am willing to learn…3 kings are very similar in levels (  LVL 35 - 36 ), play 2 to 3 times a day 7 days a week for the most part, might miss a day or two here and there, and a 2 weeks spell in Feb.


I’d like to join up with an alliance that uses elite boosts regularly and has NO inactive members. Don’t care much about size, but I do care that these peeps communicate and are on line on a regular basis.


If your alliance is looking for 3 very active kings please send invites to :




  • WONG WAY -


Thank you


Sask Sun

take a look at ‘Indestructibles’, they’re a good alliance to start out in.  Active players, good leader.

Do these players  event exist?

Hell ya…what you think I just post for the sake of posting??? If you are in doubt tell me your kings name and I try a run thru your map…with all three!!!

I searched them to invite to Mordor Army, I couldn’t find them. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you still need an active guild Suicdesquad6969 is looking I am cleaning out this next war clan lvl is 31 we do actives for the war time and sometimes in between but mostly need it for war. Look up or add me clan leader   MasterMarglar

friend code JYUBDWTU

Suicidesquad6969 sometimes does not work so only use one 69 if it does not work. Thanks

If your still looking? Castleblack Inc. ,just won 2nd 2 war Seasons in a row I am a level 66

King . check us out .

James the anoited

Leader Castleblack Inc.

Hey peeps thanks for the offers …I’ve signed up with an alliance…a few of my old buds have found me…


Thanks again!!!


have fun !!!