3 lvl 70+ accounts, need new alliance

My old alliance no longer qualifies for wars due to losing members, so I need to move my 3 accounts to a new alliance.  2 of the 3 donate 50,000 and all are active daily, including wars.

Send an invite to Hipporaffe, Hippophant, or Hipponocerous if you have an active, friendly alliance with 3 spots.



Castleblack Inc. We just won our season . level 17 alliance .I am a level 73 leader . 8 kick-ass members, 4 generals 

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.

Mortal Legend V

We are English and French speakers with trophy range of 1300-2200.  You fit right in as far as player levels are concerned, and we would be happy to have you if you are an active player!  

To join you can message me here, or you can search for Mortal Legend V in game.

You can also see our recruitment thread here: 

Join my alliance Little HUNS. We are a friendly alliance and very active in wars. Our minimum daily donation requirement is 100K, so I would appreciate if you can get donation to at least 75K soon because we keep 3 permanent boosts Archers, Knights and Barricades and Cannon boost during some war seasons.

Hey, your donation limit would be a little less for our team as we use many boost during war season. But you can join our feeder club “Waterloo”. Its a good ally and we are trying to revive it again. come join our clan.

Hey, I guess, I’m a bit late and you might already found a new alliance, but feel free to join the alliance “For Reasons Unknown”. We try to build up a strong 1.300+ alliance and really need active members, especially for the alliance wars.