3 unique super items of which 2 are identical in a super chest

Few weeks ago, during a ninja event, I destroyed the gate of an enemy ship and I received a super chest, that contains 3 unique super items of which 2 are “foil of the tactical”. I don’t want to find 2 or more identical unique super items in 1 super chest, also because I like to collect all unique super items and pro items (like Flothaboss).

Yeah, this has happened to me a few times before. It’s frustrating, but the rewards are random and the chances of this happening are extremely low!

Btw, they are called Uber Chests, not Super Chests :grinning:  

I’m writing in English, not in German.

you are lucky just find 2 items identical. Normally you can get 20 times identical items like Tourney Armor or the one who come often Dominion Frost. Like OR people don’t like obtain the same items again and again but its a part of the game.

I wouldn’t say lucky, but it certainly is rare

The black boxes containing many legendary items & 1 uber item is called an uberchest in English in this game ?

I suspect the OP plays the game in a different language and is writing in English on the forums, so his/her in-game word translates to super just as much as it translates to uber. 

The crossover of the term “über” from German into English goes back to the work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

You should all aspire to be an ubermensch.  None shall achieve.  In failure, strive to be a Renaissance Man.  Again, good luck.    We are few.

Perhaps being a polymath is a realistic goal?  Probably not.  


It is also “Uber” in German.

Yeah, I didn’t realize that. So…if we’re gonna go by the English translation of the the German: “Uber”, then the ridesharing company, UBER (not sure if it’s only American or not), should change their name to SUPER :wink:  

Or just go by what they are: “elitist cab” ?



I am still waiting for your old DP…