32/32 in year of the Yeti

How do you get all 32?  I have been playing these events for a while but I never get the last ones.  I went back and check, I got all the crowns on all the levels as far as I can tell…

If you get 30/32 with all 3 crowns there are no more.  The additional 2 battles are in case you only got 2 crowns somewhere so you can go back and play them again to try and improve your score.


Yeah, I remember for awhile after I joined, the ninja boards only went to 30/30.  If you missed a tower somewhere or your ***** bear knocked down the gate before you were ready to, you didn’t get 3 crowns and you could NOT go to the final board.  I’m glad they changed it for when we have those “human moments” ?

flare added 2 extra battles in case you faced an issue in connection or you did lost a war so they are just a bonus , in total there is 30 island and 32 fights. 

You can use the 2 extra battles when you fail (2crown) for purpose in one of the last levels. You’ll earn good gold using this method, when you get the 3 crowns.