360° Rotating Kingdom CROSSBOW4HERO

Royal Revolt 2

  1. Spin 360° Pinch Rotate Kingdom/Village with 4 Gates North, South, East, West

  2. Walking Villagers! (Smurf Village)

  3. Close-UP Zoom-In or StreetView!

  4. CROSSBOW-4-HERO (Ice,Fire,Toxic…Arrows) for Heros and Long Jump Attacks! (Samura VS Zombies)

  5. Play as Girl, Werewolf, Arblaster and Froster/Pyro!

  6. 3D Virtual Google Map of all Kingdom (GPS optional) (Empire Four Kingdom)

  7. Visit other Customized Kingdom in StreetView mode and trade Gems, Food, Gears…

  8. Go inside Taverns and Farms to Play mini Games (Offline Mode for food/gold collections)

  9. Add New Item Color (Silver Theme w/Black Edges)

  10. 5th Spell Slot and 5th Troop slot w/ in Battle Troop and Spells Pause Menu Re-Management!

  11. Hybrid Mix Dual-Spells in each slots,

-1(Stun + Hammerstrike) = (LongRange.SlowMotion + Brunt)

-2(Swordrain + Blizzard) = (Instant.LongRange + SlowMotion)

-3(Shield + Bladestorm) = (Protective Bubble + LongDuration)

I agree with some of these but some are just, whaaaaaat?

Like which ones? For me, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10 are just, “whaaaaaat?”

Number 1-3-6-7: I think you spend too much time on Google Maps. 

Number 2-9: ok!

Number 5: Plays as girl they must to add for who girls play this type of game. Plays as troops it could be an idea but nothing special !

Number 8: Yes i thought for example about daily rewards if you log in-game every day.

Number 10: You want to add the fifth troops and spells slot when there isn’t even the fourth?


About the “street view” , there is also a street view called camera that follow the hero when you move it. It’s not necessary add a panoramic of the ground because it’s not a fanstastic environment to devote. 


Number 11: If you can saw in the last patch the staff has already thought about this thing (with the elite boosts for example) where each troop or tower has other power so probably they will think also about that to liven up more the game!



shouldn’t a mod move this to suggestions?


and ya some of these ideas are crazy


I actually really like 8 tho.


they could take away free food and gems on all devices and set up something like this I think


and @ opelle im pretty sure Jason said in one of his videos they are alrdy thinking about a daily login bonus

Whoops… missed the fact this was not in sugestions forum when viewing this for the first time. You’re totally right.


Moved to Suggestions.