37 alliance level

What gets a bonus when the 37 alliance level?

Im pretty sure it was mentioned in the FAQs, the higher level the clan, the higher level blessings can be upgraded to

I wonder what will be specifically improved

not sure, maybe people from level 45 clans may be able to shed some light on this   :wink:

I got a question concerning alli levels, was not able to find a definitive answer elsewhere:

could someone please provide a detailed list of benefits of alli levels higher than 35 ? Upgrading costs a lot of gold in this regime, mostly from extra donations. Since you can’t hire more than 40 members, yet, I would like to judge if it is worth the effort (and the money !): how much stronger do the buffs really get, how much do they cost to prolong etc. … compared to level 35.

Thx in advance, Jewel

does anybody now what divine power bring aliance level 45 ??