38 Days Ninja

Was there a CM or Dev response to the Ninja event? There’s no way it’s actually going to be 38 days from now right? We’ve been stuck with these Poison ninjas for 2 weeks more than usual already.

There was a response actually and yeah, unfortunately the next ninja event will start at 28th September On 5th new conquest

I think those dates still will need to be adapted.

Keenflare won’t start ninja event and conquest on same date. As far as I know, next conquest will start within 15 days. Maybe that means it is followed by next war season and then finally by a ninja event. I think the information we got is outdated.

I am guessing now, but maybe there are changes to ninja event that need to be implemented first. Logically, since lately almost everyone got first price. So I expect a more challenging event, making it harder to become first. I know, ninja was an easy way to get pearls, but that should not be the case. 

Nothing to worry, there will be no two events active at the same period.  

I dont spend money to play, so, for me, time is all for me (with the help of my friends who gave me the ticket) I can only use the free monthly ticket) with the differences improved and the hero who does not I can do it?

Would rather have ninjas than another conquest!

Super ?