3pro chests won, 3 pro chest bought, still 0 pro items, WTF?

Is it even worth buying pro chests? 

No I think they have changed the content. I always got at least one item and some crystals if I bought 3.  But in the last six I have had bread and food only.

Same here… No pro items ij chests since two months. Before that 4-5 items in just two PL. 

You have to buy more

The main way of acquiring Pro Items is through the shop, not through RNG-crap chests. Not sure if getting a Pro Item ever was guaranteed from the Pro Chest, but I’d assume not, since I haven’t gotten a single one yet since the introduction of Pro League.

We’ll its based on ur own luck.RNG(russian number generator) doesn’t work here,it only works in world of tanks.in short pro chest r not worth buying with crystals.

Pro chests are good for pal food and pearls, useless for anything else.  The Pro-Shop should stock all the items and rotate weekly, it’s not like the items are cheap to get due to using crystals.

Also here - 3 chests won, not a single item. Only pearls and pal-food.

I managed to get 1 item with 3 chests 

I got one epic and one pro-league from 3 chests. I do think they reduced the likelihood of items. I agree that the shop should rotate weekly.

I have only got 5 or 6 Pro Items from chests since the PL came out. I guess that’s impressive compared to others :stuck_out_tongue:  

I got 1 pro item and 1 uber item from 3 pro chest today. Then I bought 3 pro chest in the shop and got 2 pro items. The other are usual pal treats, pearls, and pro crystals.

Currently have 16 pro items (excluding 2 items that already melted in the past). Only buy 1 item so far, the others I got from pro chest. Haven’t got pro cape yet.

Not all about that bass, but all about that lucky! ?

same things here, not really enthusiastic…  :wacko:

This last month of pro league rewards was pretty disappointing. I definately got less pro items from the rewarded pro chests than I was used to.

Maybe something was changed in the rewards formula, maybe nothing was changed. I’ll wait for next month’s pro league.

No. Buying pro chests is for sure the worst and dumbest use of pro crystals you can do.

Enjoy your rewarded pro chests. Keep your crystals for pro pets ONLY (to use them yourself and to donate them to your alliance so you can unlock/level up those beasts).

Same here, got 3 pro chests and no pro items, just pal food, pearls and a uber item I already had  :rolleyes:

Totally reduced chance in pro chests for sure… 7 pro chests won today and got shite (2 duplicated pro items and 1 uber item)

lol no kidding, I’ve gotten so many useless Uber Items from my Pro Chests. Whenever I get a batch of Pro Chests and not just one, I’ll more than likely get an Uber Item before a Pro Item

They should definitely buff the rewards in Pro Chests, for sure

with all the “shite” going around, they should call their website a “webshite” :wink:  

I don’t think they should boost the pro league items in chests. Those should be earned through saving crystals, but the shop has to rotate more than it is currently.