3rd spell/unit

hello guys

i was just wondering if there was a event with reduced gem cost for the 3rd unit/spell slot

if so when was the last time this event took place

i still need my 3rd spell/unit


I don’t believe there is an event, but there a few special offers that will get you the 3rd Unit/Spell slot for a discounted price. I don’t know when they come around though

i have no monies. offers are a no-no.


I didn’t mean the Special Offers that you buy with money, I meant the Packages that you can buy. For instance: Gold Digger Package, Builder Package, etc. One’s that you can buy with gems


UNIT PACKAGE: dont need

SPELL PACKAGE: dont need


  • 3rd Spell Slot
  • 3rd Unit Slot
  • +5 Hero Level
  • +1/2 Silo Level or Max. Silo Level
  • Fill Silo


CONSTRUCTOR PACKAGE: already have max of everything they offer

STARTER PACKAGE: it says i need real money but there is a picture that someone got, that can buy it with gems

  • +1 Worker
  • 3rd Unit Slot
  • 3rd Spell Slot
  • 500 Gem
  • +3 days Gold Shield
  • Free Random Landscape


is there a hero level/throne room cut-off when they will stop package offers (that u can buy with gems not real money)

info from the rr2 fandom wiki “offer package” page

Well the thing is made that the offer only apears when they know you don’t have enough gems <_<.

but don’t worry about this just play one conquest in a tier where you can get voucher chests.

You’ll definitely have enough for spell and even troop slot.

It has never been this easy to have the 3rd slots as of now  :wink:

Since the add of Voucher Bazaar in version 1.8.5 You can buy everything you need there. If you don’t want to use gems then use voucher. Workers,landscape,gear,3rd spell and units,etc… can be buy with vouchers. So new players have it really super easy now. Just join a alliance who can do enough point in Conquest and offer you Voucher chest. After just 2 Conquest should be enough to buy 3rd unit/spell slot