3rd Spell unlock offer ?

Hello Firends .

                     I want to unlock 3rd spell it cost is 600 gems , and i have up to 700 gems . but i cant decide that , can i wait for offer or not . i mean will i get offer for 3rd spell or i will unlock now ?

Wait for an offer to save up gems is the best thing, but if you see that in few days it doesn’t pop-up…so buy it  ^_^

Don’t wait, get your spell fast.

Its a trick,now if you have 700gems,than u will get offer of 1500 gems,this way you will never get what offer you want.

You will never get an offer of 700 gems, you will get of more than 1500 gems, so if u r a free player then buy the third spell slot

Dont wait… just unlock it with 600 gems…

They stopped offers for me from 2 months as I have over 1500 gems…

They will offer only for what you cant get…


The funniest thing is :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess what they out smarted me :open_mouth:

Offers hv a lifetime of 6 hrs nd they don’t just poof!

Buddy this happened very long ago… I feel sorry for my memory… There is nothing to poof!!! as it happened…