4.0 Anticipated Features

Hey everyone!

With our 4.0 contest finally concluded, I would like to present the list of features that would be making it into 4.0, based on the Captain Morgans comments of the content posts. Please note that this is not a complete nor definitive list and the final version of all of the features may differ from the ones mentioned here.


Confirmed Features:

  1. Island Markers. Officers would now be able to indicate which island to attack and which not to attack through the placement of specific markers on the war map.

  2. Leagues. Leagues are making it to OR in 4.0, introducing a season-based leaderboard with rewards, increasing both with higher leagues and positions in said leagues.

  3. Blessings. It is unclear whether new blessings are making it into 4.0 or we are getting some way of customizing the war blessings we get at the end of each war, but Cyclops definitely has something planned that relates to those.

  4. Fury. It is confirmed that we are getting an increased fury cap, hopefully allowing players and officers alike to have more sleep over weekends, as well as more time away from OR. Huzzah!

  5. Extra VP Rewards. The precise way of implementing this system is unknown, but players occupying the top of the interalliance VP leaderboard would now received additional rewards based on their extraordinary performance.

  6. War maps. The number of war maps would be increased in 4.0, bringing something other than the “standard” map we are all used too. It is unknown whether this would also bring different attack patterns too, although somewhat hinted in the contest thread.

  7. Loyalty bonus. It seems like players are going to be rewarded for staying with the same team in some way. The wording may be interpreted to hint some benefits for the alliance to keep its members too.

  8. Lengths. The lengths of wars will be changed, although the 3 day one is explicitly confirmed to remain. Well, lets see what happens to the other durations.

Issues that are intended to be solved with the changes

  1. Time management issues due to fury pool and war durations

  2. Team hopping during wars

  3. Allied alliances (I am not sure whether the idea is to legitimize or explicitly outlaw those yet. We will get a definitive answer in 4.0)

  4. 2v1, 3v1 (Some mechanism of making “bullying” less efficient)

  5. Repetitive and predictable war pattern (through new maps)

  6. No use in being top (through leagues)

  7. Unfair matchmaking? (Through leagues, this is my own assumption)

  8. No incentive to go beyond the required VP score 

  9. Blessings being only partially good and useful

  10. War management issues (Officers know what this means)


Very few ideas were explicitly turned down, many were taken for consideration and few have good chances of making it into OR following 4.0. Please check the contest thread for those, as well as the actual comments of the dev team. Feel free to mention anything I missed or bring your own assumptions.

When is the release date?

So do the leagues reset every season? Or is it like a football format of relegation every end of season? i.e. a number of teams are promoted to the higher league and the bottom number of teams from higher league are relegated to the lower league and vice versa.

ALSO, how many number of leagues? Just 2?

I’m just hoping that having to release 3.9.6, which just un-broke some-not-all of the things that 3.9.5 broke, is not going to delay the new update and WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO PLAY ANOTHER HORRIBLE SKIRMISHHHHHHHHHH AAAHHH IM SMASHING MY FACE AGAINST A CHAIR.

its already a week or so past when captain Morgan wanted to release it.

and the contest probably delayed it too. Barf. 

Also, I’m nervous about the idea of an increased fury pool if it just means more fury. That was the solution to the problem in the past and it just equates to too much time in front of the screen. 70 battles over a Friday and Saturday night is already too much (skirmish sucks) and just adding more fury doesn’t solve that problem, it makes it worse. 

Certainly, more fury is not the solution. It sucks having to find time to spend fury so it doesn’t max out when you’re out with the family.

Maybe it meant longer fury regeneration instead of more number of furies per hero?

Hey guys, please continue to write your concerns and/or grievances here. I will go through when I have time and address the ones I  can  address. I would like to make this a collaborative, interesting process for you guys, which is then also useful and informative for us.

@CaptainMorgan, about the fury cap thing, does it mean more furies per hero or longer fury regeneration?

So instead of just adding more fury to make it more user friendly, the approach should be to have players play less, but have each battle be more meaningful.

short of a better idea of how to do this, I think the right approach is to revisit the ORIGINAL war scheme where only the highest score for each hero counts. The flaw back then was the race to collect stars at 100 points each. That was stupid. So just eliminate stars. 

Less fury total, big long recharge times, and only the best score per hero counts with no stars. 

Perfect scoring formula. Well, not perfect but better 

I don’t get your problem @dumpster. More fury means more fury can be stored, before you have maxed fury. That means, that with the same fury recovering time as we have atm, it needs more time to be full of fury. Thats it.


So during skirmish, instead of 5, we get 6 or 7? Then for campaign, instead of 4, we get 5 or 6? Hmmm, well, more points for chests I guess.

You can’t reach more points in max, without more fury. More fury plots != more fury/hour. It’s not that hard to understand, that FG will not increase the recovering of fury, only the room to store more. And the option to store more, will not increase the maximum of fury you can use. You only can handle you fury different, because you have more room to store fury, so you can wait much longer, before use it. Therefore it needs more time to get maxed fury and more options to save fury for next attack and more tactics. But there will not MORE fury per player… Not more fury per war, but more room to store. Thats how I understand this and it makes the most sense for me.

So just affects the fury regeneration then? That’s it?

No, just not. Only the maximum fury, you can hold until you get maxed. And because the recovering is the sam, you will not have more fury in a war than before. Because the recovering is the same. Sorry, but this discussion is little bit stupid. @Sharknado i think, you have thinking errors. 

So fury regeneration is not affected.

You said “But there will not MORE fury per player”, after which you stated, “Only the maximum fury, you can hold until you get maxed.”

Don’t your two statements contradict each other?

(English is my third language, I may not be understanding you correctly as I am confused with those two statements right now.)

They are not contradicting eachother. One is correctly stating that the regeneration rate would not be altered (you will NOT get more fury per unit time) and the other alludes that the only change would result in increasing the capacity (how much fury you can hold). So you can store more, and it would now take, lets say, 24 hours tomax instead of 16.

So let me show an example:

Old Version:
Player has 4 plots to store fury
He starts with 2 fury
Recovering is 1 fury per hour

So, after 2 hours, he has 4 fury per hero and is full. If he uses his fury, he could used 8 fury per hero in the 6 hours after start.

New Version:
Player has 8 plots to store fury
He starts with 2 fury (same as old version)
Recovering is 1 fury per hour (same as old version)

So, after 2 hours, he has 4 fury per hero and is NOT full. If he uses his fury, he could used 8 (same as old version) fury per hero in the 6 hours after start.

So both have the same amount of fury to use. Only the second one has much more time, until he has to use the fury before he is maxed. So you will NOT have more points for chests, because you have the same amount of fury you can gain in the whole war.

Nice fixes:P


@PanicMind, still confused about your example BUT @Infamous explained it very well so now I understand what you meant.

Okay then. :slight_smile:

Next is the league system, i’m interested to know whether it will be a relegation/promotion type like football. :slight_smile: