4.0 Best feature (yet)

After all my disappointment regarding the use of gems as a main currency for our buildings…

I found the light at the end of the tunnel!  :slight_smile:

The best feature of 4.0!!!

It took so long but…

Thanks Flare!

PS: There is a beast spawn animation? I think I never saw that

Already checked :grinning:

I’ve never noticed, but how do we tell the difference between Unique and Uber items?

One glowing perk is uber, two glowing perk is unique 

Without glowing perk is Uber (You can get those forging on the blacksmith.)
One or two glowing perk is Unique (You can get those only in chests. )

I would highly suggest not turning on the Beast Cut-scene. It causes all kinds of problems, even more than the dragon animation. I have to admit, it’s very cool though, I’ve always liked the way it looked

Unique uber items have yellow name too

Now that some chest % probabilities were revealed, I had the curiosity and went to check the pro-chests…


That’s why we rarely get pro-tickets, or even items…

Because Pearls + Doggy Food are  just…93,5%.


What the heck? That’s RIDICULOUS! Good grief, I don’t understand why it’s so lopsided to Pearls and Food

I think we all suspected about such ridiculous chances.

You don’t know why?

I tell you why: Because they want us to win rewards at the slowest EVER freaking possible rate. That’s why!

Now we got the confirmation.

I think it’s because they want Pro-League to focus on late-game advancement. Pearls and pal upgrades are mostly used when you have maxed a lot of things out, and you are forging to improve those upgrades. The Pro-League battles are also independent of your troops or level, and rely purely on strategy to win which is very important late-game. They’re just trying to provide something that other aspects of the game don’t.

It’s weird though, you’d think they’d make the rewards better. The better the rewards, the more players will want to play, and the more that want to play, the more likely that players will pay gems for tickets

Ok 47% Pearls and 46,5% Pal Treats. I will continue then to accumulate my ticket and not do PL. Flare change this crap. Pro 5%.

C’mon you can up

Pro at 12%

Gem at 3%

Pearls at 35%

Pro tickets at 15%

Pal Treats at 35%

the pourcentage will be better this way

They had to add percentages in the game, there was a huge discussion in EU about FIFA loot boxes and without them it could be considered as an online gambling game, with all the regulations related to this kind of games…

About the pourcentage some of you have notice in COF there is no more gems? or they are just remove for free and are still there if you spend gems? Not listed in the list

Screenshot (198).jpg



Gems only appears before 3rd try

At least now you know when you are about to get a bunch of dog food???

Hands down the best thing in this update, I’m not even joking

The startup screen is indeed best. Followed by option to disable dragon animation. 

The probabilities are only for the chests that people buy. The ones that you gain have different probabilities depending on the rank, usually much higher in favour of gems and pro items. Only yesterday I got 3 lots of pro gems in a chest for coming 126th.