4.0 ? Bug conquest Map

We are not allowed to participate in the conquest, other alliances are still involved and we are not. Please tell us the reason

Alliance: Việt Nam


Is it possible to have same hero on 2 different tiles ?


Why have we 2 members standing on 2 different tiles?

yes 60 max the number of your alliance members. 1 tile can have 30 members and other 30 members on it or can be 12 on one,15 on another one,etc… on the same tile everyone can be on it.

Since some are assigned on a watchtower. Then a player can show up multiple times.

Same thing here, alliance Eternal Aura. We cannot play the conquest, it shows next one in 20 days. It’s as if we have to wait another 20 days to start playing it.

Not what i mean : we have 2 players standing on 2 different tiles.  Their names on 2 different tiles


if it is not a tower, and they are on 2 tiles - ban them for bugging xDD