with new update and probably set of armor features when i want to check statue stats it again shows my hero stats instead, please fix thix thx. 

Post ‘em as you find ‘em!

  1. The Hero Statue information screen shows the stats for the hero, not the hero statue. I.e., there is no 50% resistance displayed (although I’m sure it’s still in effect). This is more annoying than it may sound. 

  2. There is still no information button in the message screen for players who apply or reject invitations. 

EDIT: I Thought the information button issue was resolved per the change log, but it doesn’t actually appear to be. There is no “i” button when a player requests to join your alliance. @CaptainMorgan

Also area damage on statue info show now much less than it used to be the statue is now much weaker by the look on the stats the physical is now better than before I used to have 88% on statue and now it’s 90% for same amount of physical points.cheers 

It’s just displaying the same stats as your hero. I *think* it’s a display bug, and not actually changing anything about your GK

Hope you are right bro?

i don’t understand well this topic and the others one who talk bugs about statue in 4.0 when the version 4.0 is not release?

version 4.0 is out, it takes some time for it to be available in all countries

Buttons generally talking when you select a building are blurred out, not sure why. 

win 10

Okay ,I love the changes done in version but yeah it does have some bugs that I am surprides nobody mentioned it here.

Like Last night Artmis was showing inly three colorsets but before that there were four colorsets for her.

I got one item it shows this.

Also Whenever I am summoing her battle stag it is opening a golden gate or portal on screen and that battle stag is coming from that gate.

@CaptainMorgan please fix this and there some other bugs I have noticed too,will post them later.

oh ok.Find it in Microsoft Store. Just CaptainMorgan forget to announce it in Official Announcement. No topic about 4.0 ready

in Europe it’s time for lunch, I think after the lunch break they’ll put the announcement

4) Cursed titan chests no longer display how many days you have to uncurse them, and then again to open them.


Some more bugs is, health from statue and area damage u can check that on your statue

@dumpster @CaptainMorgan

+health and damage bonus from statue

always is on the same setup no mether what you do and area damage disapired 

Maybe reading the forums help, especially to avoid duplicates:


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Infamous was here. Error 404, no soul found. Had to simply merge the threads instead.

@CaptainMorgan hey how’s going there u added new changes and we have many bugs why that lol, please make the gk dont troll the peoples ?

Good day!

I opened an curse chest by 1000 gems and got an Apple of Discord. 

After forging and open game again i lost this item. 

It back to chest but i still lost 1000 gems, 10000 gold and 5 Star item used to forge. 

Please check this bug for me.

Thank you. 

Since update 4.0, everytime I log in the display shows new alliance message when there is none.