4.0 Bugs Megathread

on my redmi note 4 buttons are not at all responsive. it is very hard to play plzz fix. before the v4 update it is very good but now iam unable to play the game plz fix it ASAP

I just noticed the app picture changing and it’s 4.0 and when I try to run it. I see it gets connected and I see the shield and I get kicked out. I guess I’m done I can’t get into the game!!! I’m a leader in my alliance. That’s special!!! I hope the issue is fixed soon. I’m on a laptop Windows 10 I think.

Hi, there is no countdown for the next event. Usually event on Thursday, can you tell me if it’s bug or if there is just no event this week?

I can access friend chat again. I think it had to do with a lot of players trying to play at once. 

In addition to the new video ads cooldown that @ShadowsGuardian reported above (PLEASE remove this new limitation!!), why is the “Free Extra Chest” button flashing, but when I click on it, it says many hours cooldown!?! Please fix this bug.

@Lisa I get disconnection in the CoF (connection lost) if i try to click the “i” to look for the drop chances after i open all chests.

windows 10 pc

Write a ticket to Flaregames like i did. maybe they will fix this.my alliance members don’t have this issue. i get 6h cooldown after i watch only 1 single movie for free boost @Lisa

Using Xiaomi device Redmi note 5 pro. What the heck is wrong with touch responsiveness.I hv to touch 5-6 times on a spell to cast. Considerably losing all the battles I try to raid. Fix this as soon as possible.

yes bro iam using Redmi Note 4 iam also loosing all the battles. F flare must fix very fastly

Thanks for the reports, I updated the list.  

When will flare fix our redmi mobiles touch problem. iam irritated with the game. 

@Lisa you don’t put my and others players problem with free videos cooldown appear in first post. only one free boost video on 6 hours ?




My device is huawei mate 10 lite.  While moving my fingers on screen to move the hero, spells and troops buttons dont work simultenously. I have to lift up my finger to touch spells

If you build all news 3 buildings at level 1 and collect them fast one by one. You lose the connection. So I guess like waves and all. You need to wait like 2 seconds between





It was happening with me on oreo 8.1 but then i downgraded to noghat and now it working fine…

It can be because of low ram as oreo os uses more ram…

device: Microsoft

o’s: Windows 10

ign:  vamsikr

videos not working


I am facing disconnections after every raid. What’s the problem. This never happened after the game updated.

IGN: King Aditya Kumar

Device: Samsung Galaxy J7

Hi, me too I can not get into my King account since about 3:00am CET on the 1st of August.


The 4.0.0 version changed already logo on my start up menu, once I click on that the new intro Web page appears and contacting, then come loading, then connected in green and immediately after the shield in the middle of the monitor.  In a blink of eye then game shuts down itself.

I am using a Vaio notebook with Windows 10

PLEASE help fast as Flaregames already stopped video boosting for PCs for more than 2 months and we lost lots of gold, gems, pearls and endless upgrades.








  1. COF Bug
    DO NOT TAP THE (I) BUTTON AT COF, you won’t be able to return to castle, screen frozen after, then you’ll get connection lost screen, COF reward(s) magically disappeared. But we still get the golds & trophies from raid, only the COF has problem.
  2. Less responsive spell button, the 3rd spell (most right-corner spell), sometimes I have to tap a few times just to release that spell
    Platform: Android

Crashed at the start of the game. I use Acer 4739 with Windows 10 1709.