4.0 Companion Thread

Hey victims! 

EDIT: ideas highlighted in red are automatically disqualified, as they involve changes confirmed to be implemented in 4.0

With the 4.0 update and, most importantly, a new contest slowly making its way through the forums, I want to take some time and share a bunch of links you may find useful. Here I have most of the threads and discussions dedicated to one or more aspect of Alliance Wars and while capturing the full scope of things you guys produced in more than a year is close to impossible, I have tried my best to come as close to that as I could. Every link to a respective thread has an objective (maybe) description, as well as some personal comments in a form of a 1-4 sentence paragraph. Also, there is  no order  in which I post things, so dont try to find any meaning in that sense. The threads do not overlap much and should generally have enough distinct information to be unique. If you believe something should be added or removed from this  compilation, please send me a pm.


While any of the links here are definitely worth reading if you are a newcomer or needing a refresh of the half-forgotten memories, the primary reason for posting this section is to increase the chances of contest participators to earn some precious gems. As you should know, the suggestions that have already been brought up to the dev team will not be eligible for winner consideration, therefore anything in this section is most likely a_  no-game for you to submit,  _should you be willing to receive any rewards with a sole exception of Chris2.0 (Again, entirely up the team to decide!!!).

  1. Implement a mechanism ensuring fairness during team MM and to make a better 2nd place frame

  2. A compilation of ideas to improve War System.Most is still relevant 

  3. Random individual alliance bonuses during wars

4)Allow the alliances to attack all islands, make wars unique through alternating features/bonuses and introduce something in between of wars

  1. A compilation of ideas to improve War system, featuring a completely new approach

  2. A younger and bigger brother of the thread above. Also features more ideas. No new approach though

  3. Mostly the rationale for Tournament style gameplay. Does a good job of laying out the issues though. Also features the “Sundays off” suggestion

  4. Nice little convo featuring many things like extra rewards for exceeding chest caps, fair MM, opting out functions and more

  5. Allow newcomers to fight in current wars with a 1 day delay

  6. New alliance war mode (Called preparation…)

  7. An alternative suggestion to equalize alliances in place of tweaking an MM. Hell, this may even work. Maybe.

  8. Get read of the % player points counted and use full points instead. Makes sense to be honest, unless I interpret something wrong

  9. Reduce the wars down to 1-2 days. Interesting

  10. Use defensive strength and not the level to determine VP rewards for each individual player in wars

  11. A global rating after each war to reward particularly good alliances with gems. May work, except we all know what alliance (group of alliances here) would be the top 3  :grinning:

  12. Tweak VPs required for the final Titan chests

  13. Variating war bonuses and conditions to differentiate otherwise identical wars

19) An island marker to direct the team’s effort. Long requested feature confirmed to be making the cut in 4.0

  1. Allow a single war hero to be substituted by another hero after the war has begun

  2. Pre-update the war standings of alliances in war to reflect the current situation with respect to individual island conquests

  3. Add a special strike feature upon consecutive loss of islands

  4. Yet another viable idea of completely revamping War to make it overall better. Features a particularly authentic wall-of-text format

  5. Give alliances control over who they attack. Interesting idea at the very least

  6. Skirmish duration tweaks

  7. A way to improve overall War interest through Clash map tweaks The idea itself is obsolete since there is no Clash, but the methodology is still viable. Worth reading

  8. Introduce a system of hero restriction to force the use of different heroes for wars

  9. Remove the 8-member requirement for War participation

  10. Replace regular (non-titan) war chests with gem chests

  11. Replace skirmish with a 2-alliance duel 24 hour contest

  12. Fix the war MM. More of a rant at this point, yet still of use. Went off topic lately

  13. Yet another new war mode suggestion. Involving even more people and seemingly being an interesting alternative 




With the actual idea threads dealt with, I would like to proceed to discussions/rants. These threads to contain ideas, yet it is the discussion and many different views which I find important. You can use this as a source of inspiration or as a form of a memory refresher, depending on your individual preference. 1) General discussion regarding War times. Has some suggestions but mainly serves the purpose of inspiring new ideas 

  1. A VERY long discussion/rant regarding allied alliance and War in general. Many ideas, many perspectives. Great source of inspiration and defenitely a place to check imho

  2. The #FreeSundays thread. One of the best dicussions related to war imho

  3. Some rather old feedback on Clash - now obsolete. You may find something interesting in there though, so here it is.

  4. Some ideas regarding Skirmish. I found it useful to read and certainly doing a great job of being relevant still

  5. This is an old thread regarding Wars, having a lot of info and ideas. It is also VERY long, so beware




P. S. BONUS: Pre-War poll regarding war heroes. Hercules, Perseus and Jason didnt even make the cut back then  :slight_smile:


P.S.S. Bonus 2: Some of you would be happy to know that Titan chests are going to be made interminable (timer-less) in 4.0. Rejoice people, no more annoying missions ticking away all the time!

Have a palatable mutilation of your foes,