4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

Hey there, this is the place to share all the feedback and suggestions after having a look at version 4.0.

If you found a bug, please post it in this thread:


Well, would help if you can release more videos about this game mode? A lot of confusion among members on what needs to be done. Ideally, this should have been shared before conquests start and now everyone is learning on the fly…

it s one of those events with cooldowns in every step…right???..FG u r sooooo sadistic!!!..FG u should have given us a horse instead of a donkey.

I forgot to take troops with me before I left the stronghold and made a step which has a 1 1/2 hour cooldown…does that mean I have to go back to the stronghold (another 1 1/2 hour cooldown) take the troops, and make the same move and put up with another 1 1/2 cooldown!!!

How is it possible same hero on different tiles?

Yes the cooldown is a definite let down! And yes seems you have to head back to refill troops…

I can’t understand it at all… @FTB plz help.

you dont need take troops with you for scouting. your hero need troops if he attack or defend.  you can move your hero after cooldown forward, dont need to go back. sadly FG showed us again how good they can tell about new things/mode.

why is there no cancel button to stop building a watchtower.

why we need again spend ally gold for buildings and techtree?

this game has changed in pay to play. horrible.

conquest season is more like a very boring strategy game and feels not like rr2.

i think the first 2 or 3 days are scouting (moving some bad looking puppets on a more bad looking map) and waiting, waiting, waiting for the end of the cooldown. boring and wasted time with a new update that we waited so long for.

i think this new mode will help alot player to decide if rr2 its worth to play longer or not.


Feedback? The icons are nonsensical, gameplay is obscure, and objectives are confusing. All we have done forna week is spend gems and wait out cooldowns so we can… wait out cooldowns? 

This is going to be way too time consuming. RR2 started as a game you could play at your convenience and still grow as a player. Now it is a demanding time suck you have to visit five times a day to keep up. 

Bad job so far Flare. 

Your leader/generals must assign troops to all members (150) and after you must move the chessboard piece on the map. Each move use enerygy and have cooldown. Seem a huge numbers of Leader and Generals have no clue of this and result in a failure. So everyone have move with 0 troops. So turn back to the stronghold and wait your leader/general do his job and give you 150 troops and now after you can move

It would have been nice to have all this explained properly and not in a series of obscure points. A tutorial video would have been nice. No one in my alliance is sure what to do and we’re just muddling through, which is probably the case with most alliances. At the moment Conquest doesn’t seem very promising. 

How about conquest

Really connect every 2 hrs for 8 days just to move a silly icon of me around a map?

I want mandatory drug testing done at Flare this is the only explanation

a cancel button to stop building a watchtower would be useful

@FTB @Lisa @Pete


I’m quite surprised that there is a huge cooldown for movement. I thought this mode was well thought out as a strategy mode, but adding the cooldown defeats the purpose. I’ll explain why and I hope you take into consideration:-


Reading the rules of Conquest, immediately, I knew it would be interesting because it gives a lot of flexibility to players on implementing many different strategies to win, i.e. as per your own guide, how we want to divide ourselves into smaller teams and move out and how we want to send scouts out to explore etc.


BUT, the cooldown made all these redundant because now everyone is moving at the same speed with the horrible cooldown. The scouts who are supposed to move out much faster also moves so slow.


Now, imagine if there’s no cooldown, the scouts can spend his entire energy running around, but when he burns all his energy, he can’t attack anymore. It will also become part of the team’s strategy on energy management. If the entire team simply just burn all energy by moving around, the team that moves slower may have more flexibility doing attacks.


Also, this will allow teams to test their own players’ team spirit. Without the cooldown, members who are stubborn will just go out and wander around whereas a team that works together won’t simply burn all the energy moving around like idiots.


When you implement a cooldown system, you are actually managing how we move instead of giving us the flexibility to do our own strategy.


Also, it will give the game a much faster pace without the cooldown. Imagine a kamikaze scout doing his job, and when he gets killed and sent back to the HQ, how long will it take for him to go back to where he was? This absolutely diminishes the role of scouts. Probably no one will want to intentionally be scouts now.


The cooldown will also destroy many various strategies that could have been fun and viable. For example, a “rush down” strategy where every member move full speed ahead to just one direction when they know who is on the other side of the corner (by communicating with the other opponents). The one who gets rushed down will then have to come up with a counter measure such as mass building watch towers near HQ if they knew they are getting rushed down (they can know if they send scouts and spotted an entire group of 60 members heading their way).


I can go on with an infinite number of strategies that one can implement if there wasn’t a cooldown. For now, every team is forced to do the “move slowly strategy” because…well… we are all forced to.

@FTB @Lisa @Pete


I’ll add on to show you why it’ silly to have the cooldown. A smart scout would NOT burn all his energy even if he is scouting. Why? Simple, if he spotted an enemy, he won’t have energy to run. That’s exactly what was stated in your guide. If a scout sees an enemy, RUN! Thus, scouts have to even manage their own energy well as they have to balance out covering more area vs running from enemies.


Right now, it’s a silly situation where if a scout sees the enemy, the enemy is 4 tiles away, then the enemy and the scout runs at the same speed. Whether the enemy can catch the scout or whether the scout can run away or not depends on who can log in and be online when cooldown is done. Does this sound like strategy?

Cool down for move is too long.

if you wanted to copy Civilization game-you failed.

Make that if no troops are carried around movement should be easier than full army.(scout)

With all this alliance gold and  gems investments I expect a big-big chest rewards and superb boosts, but I know you will fail and this is actually so sad.


I checked research, one research path leads to reduction in cooldown movement of players.

But that research takes several hours and picking the right path. I picked defense rate +2 first. Now I am forced to reduce build time of watchtowers first, before I can research lowering cool down. Beware, research time increases of course. Lowering 10% won’t help at all. I don’t know who came up with these cool down times, but let’s start by dividing those times by a factor 3-5. 

Instead of cooldown of 3 hours, 2 hours and 42 minutes when moving over three forest tiles when 10% is lowered. Make that research 50% cool down reduction, at least we don’t fall asleep from boringness. 

This movement cool down is something that really needs to be reconsidered. 

Cool down isn’t required at all, just let us use energy till it’s gone. That we can make three tile movements, fine. But as long as energy is left, let us move on and make more steps. Then we can recover energy during our sleep, seeing that next morning we can take more action with full energy. At least we aren’t forced to login plenty of times.

So for example, my hero starts with 500 energy, I take two tiles and lose 50 energy. With the remaining energy I can chose my next path. When my energy is very low, I can’t do a lot anyway and need to wait till I have enough energy to move on or wait till more energy is there.

Energy would have been enough, no need for cool down after moving. It would also lead to a faster exploration, plus more exciting action. Since you want us to slowly proceed, take a little bit more energy per movement. Then we can’t proceed that fast. 

Not be able to move while having energy is so stupid!


@FTB @FTB @Pete


Also, I strongly suggest that strongholds can be attacked (I’ve read through the FAQ and it doesn’t say that it can be, or am I missing something?)


I would suggest if a stronghold gets destroyed, hero can no longer “respawn”.


BUT, to balance things out, stronghold should have like EXTREMELY high defense multiplier, so high that even the top 4 alliances sending 60 of its members won’t be able to destroy a level 70 alliance if the latter only has 30 members defending it. The reason is to add another layer where players have to consider “defense” too. It give scouting much more importance and at the same time, if you leave your stronghold with 0 heroes, it should be able to be destroyed by roughly 10 players from the opposing team.

@FTB @FTB @Pete


Gonna keep adding to the list of reasons why you should consider removing cooldown.


If the reason why you placed a cooldown is so that players have to keep logging in, then removing the cooldown actually does a better job, especially for scouts. Why? Scouts will now have a very interesting gameplay. They will have to move fast but in small sequence, that’s the ideal way, i.e. move 1 tile, log off for few minutes, login and move again when energy is regenerated. Why? Cause they have to run when they see enemy! This is probably the fastest way the scout can move without being in danger.


Thus, players who really like it fast paced will now volunteer to be scouts if they can keep logging in and out throughout the day.