4.0 is imminent

Per @GalaMorgane’s message today on Vungle ads for Windows, it appears as if 4.0 is on the horizon.

It’s unlikely we’ll get things sorted before 4.0 … 

Probably soon after part four of the videos that peoples are getting pissed at for no reason.

how is it without a reason? it’s like being a vegetarian, like eating and still hungry. need meat :slight_smile:

I think max 1 week to wait

The only way they could reach such a conclusion, is that they already have a scheduled date for the update. What I don’t understand is, even if it is one or two weeks, why can’t they let us know the release date? That will create way more hype than some silly videos

Because like every other updates, they can’t know the exact date they will go trought the different app store inspection.

It is so funny and sad that the news about 4.0 soon is hidden in another message.
I mean, this is the piece of news players are waiting for desperatly.

They can just tell us “soon” like other companies? They will not even give us that.They make us guess how many chapters of those horrible videos there will be. They hate us!

If they would announce a date, nobody would spend a single cent until then. 

I seriously want them to hurry up with repairing videos on Windows, I don’t care who is responsible, just make sure the videos work again.

I should try that when one of our customers reports a bug, even when a third party tool is the one to blame, they demand us to solve it and fast. We can’t afford to let them wait for weeks, they just escalate it and they are correct. So don’t be passive, ask Vungle what’s taking them so long and make them hurry up. 

When the new release is active, gold will be scarce and when we need to upgrade everything one or more times, we need tons of gold. To give an indication, 16 towers, 21 obstacles, all spells, troops and waves plus… All buildings. It literally will cost hundred of M gold and that for every player that already maxed everything at the moment I speak. Without those chests everyone on Windows needs to raid an absurd amount of times to get the gold required.

Having said that, I am looking forward to the new release and not to a new chapter. 


Let’s me guess… If 4.0 arrive before Video ads work its gonna be a mess on the forum. not only we know version 4.0 will up level 130 to 140 in a little sneak peek during X4 event during community week but also no surprise if there is plenty of +1 level everywhere. So everyone will do their raids and what will happen? Dry like a desert. No gold, nada. Many players will feel this update come to much earlier. Some will be happy to have it earlier.

My advice for Flaire wait everyone have video ads working at 100% with rewards. After you will be able to give us 4.0. No gold will be a pain

PS : If you really want to give us 4.0 before windows ads is fix. You have 2 choice : Add a Festival or a community week with Gold Bonus +50%

there is another version 3, the most true for fg: ignore what you write :wink:

Only way to them. Its no idea how to answer all those strange wishes and posts.

if they answering it pushing a lot of new posts with hate. If tbey would do something that they was asked mean another half of forum will get mad and will make a lot of posts against.


they choose best way. Just do they job and keep silence and let the forumwriters talk with themselfes here?

Y’all got it all wrong. “won’t fix it until 4.0” means it’ll take months…years…perhaps will never be fixed (because there will be no RR2 4.0 hweh hweh )…

Or RR2 version 4.x written for windows devices does not leak the IP-address it is played on to the likes of Vungle and consorts.

See my latest comment in one of the posts in the Bugs & Problems section.

‘After what felt like months’, who are they kidding, it has been months. We are ready for 4.0.

Way to go Trunnion! I totally agree with you, it’s time for them to just let go of the crappy videos and give us the update

Exact! We are ready!!! Throw it at us :stuck_out_tongue: