4.0 Made the increase...??

can anybody explain me what this mean in new update Made the increase difficult between every difficult level ?? Anybody know what is this ??

Probably more Skulls.

Or higher % difference

That’s my guess. Instead of a 2 skull being 10% it will be 20%, for example. 

Aha that for scull island ok thank you people , think this war will be quite a mess ?


Correct, the difficulty increase per skull is now (much) higher - each additional skull is now worth 25%.

So,now players will score more points on 3 ,4 and 5 skull island?

My concern is for those players that play on one,two skull islands and not for points to reach last titan chest.

You should do something about it though.

I have seen good players spend their furies on one and two skull islands to save them or win them but I find it strange ? why players who spend furies 3,4 and 5 skull islands easily reach last titan chest.

I doubt theyl be an increase in VP’s just the ratio between enemy/friendly points. Yeah you always get chest hunters - you should kick 'em out!