4.0 shut down / reset the game to 3.9


THAT is the actual status. All players ara leaving the game . 

I ask every  players do not buy nothing in game until they fix the game to 3.9 or fix all nerf back and shutt 4.0 down / conquest mode. 

Said No to: pay to win or grow up

It’s sad see all friends leaving the game 

The conquest mode is very good and 4.0 is a lot better than 3.9, but 4.0 needs some improvments in the conquest Mode. I like 4.0 but i haven‘t like 3.9 as much as 4.0, because i like the conquest mode. I think when the rewards in conquest mode are better, the game will be better than fit 4.0. 

Lol. Please pay for fg service.