4.0 - Teaser video discussion

Hello guys, 

Here is a thread related to the 4.0 teaser video that can be found here: 

We want to know what YOU think about it! Tell us more ?

So, what’s the account in RS then?

Seriously, like the switchable gear sets and the 3 way war. The league’s are nice, just watch the horse trading from teams giving wins to others though!

Thanks for all you do, we grizzle but love the game

Is there any problem with the video? I can’t play it.

running here, but I know of other people not being able to watch the video.

Hello all, great version great changes only one is bad for me, the same time defend mode/attack mode for perseus very bad

Same here, can’t play it

I can’t wacht the video…

I am on throttle mode (98% speed reduction because over data) So if I cannot choose 144p lol I cannot watch it

Hello there, 

If you can’t see the video, could you try with another browser? Clear your cache also might help. 

Could you let me know if it fixed the issue please? 

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in Google Chrome that work and you can download it if you want. Prettty cool but I don’t have any speed. So I will wait June 1st :slightly_frowning_face:

?I already downloaded it and it’s the same, you can not visualize

I only show Mozilla Firefox, in the Оpera does not show

Well with me the same. Cannot see yet

Guys upload the video on youtube and share link here. Just lime u guys want us to post videos for challenge:). Jokes apart it wud be helpful fir people to watch in lower resolutions

Watched it (freezing a lot), great job for the new features FG.

Interesting stuff.  I hope you are adding item slots, or somehow rewarding those if us who spent major gems for extra slots to be able to forge… Now folks get free extra slots simply by reserving slots 3 for temp storage…   Please tell! Me in not going seriously loose my advantage gained by purchasing hundred(s) of extra slots… 


I’m not a huge fan of the idea of having offensive/defensive equipment fit outs, I think it takes away a strategic element, but the rest looks rad. The new war modes look like fun. The idea behind clash was always solid, it was the limitation of that war map that was the problem. Changing up maps should make it work.

Nice work @CaptainMorgan and @Chris. We’ll start finding all the bugs in a bit!

Thanks guys for a awesome game! 

Video looks cool with new war etc.

i have 1 question tho, is there a way to not lose value on your items when you lv up in asc. Im lv 131 and thats Max but if new levels is on the new update then all lose some value

I doubt that gives extra item slots.

Something for the future: Maybe just maybe have a teaser at a slightly slower speed? The speed is good if you want to have a glance and nothing more, but not entirely applicable if you are someone like me, being interested in extracting as much info as possible.