The wait is over! ?

Just downloaded the update! ?

All the new visual effects are really cool! This is seriously one of the best looking mobile games.

The big change we gonna see it in the war system…

* But this is the first time we get the update without  announce or details! I hope everything is fine.

Yeah it’s been released for like 4 hours. Very unusual. With all the time it took, you’d think they’d have the patch notes written already :wink:

There are so many new functions that the patch notes have grown to many many gigabytes. Please allow some more hours for the upload to complete ?

I can’t play after updating on Windows, it’s not connecting

and same on my Android phone ???

Normally yes. In RR2 its the inverse. they release the patch note and after tell to everyone a update is ready. Just I find strange same 4 hours after no sign of patch note or nothing

this way everyone know there is a new update available just by looking in Official Announcement and no need someone create like 10 topic about and tell to everyone a update is ready.Everyone know it just after read the patch note.

It’s working now, data started downloading and it’s fine now.

Anyone understood how the statue slots work? 

You can select one of the slots for the statue and use the other two for the attacker

you need to change your statue in order to select which outfit they wear, otherwise it defaults to I.

I really like the War Marker. This will be a life savior. I remember when I was in War with my Alliance The Griffin Warrior. How people have waste their fury on useless waves. Now with the marker i hope they will know which attack. Great improve

the color and the look of all. Amazing

Edit : @HOLYDIVINE I don’t why you are confuse. Read the Patch note 4.0 correctly. 

I quote : Use War Markers to mark islands when coordinating your Alliance during a War. We’ve introduced 4 different Markers, which can be placed on as many islands as you choose!

Actually I am surprised to see we still haven’t played the first war of version 4.0 and you seem happy about these changes.? 

maybe you don’t have read it carefullly same after 2 times. Go see it a 3rd time. We still have the old one. We have Alliance War Season and Alliance War League. So its obvious War Marker will help a lot now and be a life savior.I have no clue in new one but in old one for sure

Edit : I guess you was tired lol. that happen lol

Nah ,Read those changes in server update but I will wait another three days,will play the new war formats and use these new feature and then I will comment about this new version instead of relying on info.

I have big problem now,after update i was log on my tablet first and all working good,than trying log on mine and my wifes phones,cant log in to game,only on first divice loging(tablet) working well,dont knewn what to do now,if anyone  can help me thanks

@Zojadin there is a giant thread about this bug in Bugs and Technical Help forum.

Ty for info,hope all will be good soon