4.1.1, whats updated now?

Topic says it all, whats new in 4.1.1?


In Windows some of us now also get no video offers at all any longer.

We had a similar phenomena already in the past on Windows. A selected group did no longer get any video offers, while some still got them. For exactly this reason, I back then transferred my account also to my work laptop, to collect a few videos per day by watching ads. 

Now to recall what back then was the problem. Depending on culture settings, videos either worked or not. In the end (7 months later!) @thomas239 discovered with fiddler that during no video offers the Windows version was incorrect. In this topic 

Thomas explained what was causing that bug. 

Is it possible that this similar bug now again appears? It’s hard to test, since back then the data send was not encrypted, but now it is, so we can’t verify this.

@Dena4, the ads are working fine for me right now on my Windows laptop. Test it again on your account, perhaps something changed over the last hour. For me, at least, the ads seemed to have reset back to 0 and I can now watch up to 30. The ads are also a ton faster, cause they used to spin and take 10 seconds just to get started, but now, they’re real snappy. I like it

for now the ads work perfect. I have boost my blacksmith,my taverns and get my free chest. I will test later if still work after 10 video

The videos indeed now work like normal. Let’s hope it stays that way. 503 error also can mean that Vungle site temporary was overloaded by requests.

the pro shop is still the same when will it change ?

Hello :slight_smile: , this question is already answered in the official thread. Please check there. Thank you.

can you give me a link :slightly_frowning_face:

There you go! You can find the changes to the Pro Shop there