4-5 Players looking for new alliance. Hero lvl64 English / USA

4-5 players all looking for a committed clan, ready to win some wars, particularly strong on strategy if needed.

Alliance towers 20k - 50k

Hero levels 50-64

Trophy levels around 2000+

10 battles per war


Very active, all have LINE accounts

Please PM

Hello. Verats is in need of active players. Right now honestly we are not the best and are a long way of being. We would gladly accept you guys in. Plan to have perm boost once alliance is stronger. Feel free to join or add me in game. Aramidis. Thanks

Found you and I sent a invited. Thanks for your attention

Hiya the warriors6 are looking for new active members. Send request to join

Hi if you guy still Looking for active alliance my alt alliance love to have you guy to be part of our teams :slight_smile:

{RW} Rising war hearts it for member want easy war since it new make this on nov 8 2015 now we lvl 16 with knight boost

GOG forget name and {RW} parking lot for member that are busy in RW or vaction

Rising Warriors main very active in war and everything need to be at least lvl 80 with 75k donation or more

jamaicalove is open come and join us

contact me in game if you still need alliance . IGN:flamer0

join mine (we need 2 active player), just search “wrath of warriors”

Castleblack Inc. would welcome you ! Signed General James the anoited. p.s. we win when we have a full crew, but are a little short now.

Check us out Northern Killaz. If u r all serious players i have 2 slots open but will put up the money to put towards extra donations to upgrade alliance if all players r a package deal and i need to make more space. The full roster of this alliance fully participates in war seasons and we keep 4-5 elite boosts activated at all times during war seasons. if u r interested friend request me @ King Stomper 831. we r rank 905 overall and only getting better. 

You can join raging wolf so we can grow fast and unlock new elite boost and have fun along the way :slight_smile:

GOLD DIGGERS. We are level 16 with 12 members. We run boosted knights, archers and barricades. Each have 2+ days on them and 11 million in the treasury. We are looking for active members to help grow. Come have a look. If you like what you see,stay.:slight_smile:

Best is visiting all, until you find the team you feel good and easy with.


My suggestion is Genie & Master. We are a virtual family and honor people and friendship prior to any game. Fun is here always.

Visitors are welcomed. Then you can decide if you want to stay.

Eternal Billzard

buff blazing knight 24/24

you can become a general

Hey JudgementXX,

we are an mainly English but also German speaking alliance,

we’d be happy to welcome you in our alliance “For Reasons Unknown”.

So if you’re still looking for a new alliance, we will be very glad to have some active members with us!

We are active in Line. Go ahead and friend me alpha_beavis. We are a growing ally and would welcome you to our crew. We came over from Hobbit KOM. But, we’re ready for a new game, hence rr2 is where it’s at :slight_smile:

Check your line messages :grinning:



Hi i m leader of one piece143 alliance italy lvl 26 bonus Gold 29% . If you want enter in my alliance