4 consecutive wars

@CaptainMorgan we won 4 consecutive war, but we did not receive 1000 gems.

I’m Negan♠️ of GLADIATORI?

That could be a bug, had that issue myself, won 4 other wars in a different alliance and got them.

@CaptainMorgan We won 4 consecutive war, but we did not receive 1000 gems.


It’s a bug, I just won the fifth consecutive war and they have not given me the 1000 gems.

@CaptainMorgan Please help us correct this bug.

Player Id:
Juanius Guerrero
Hijos de Puta

This is an issue caused by the problems we had with the server on 15th June. We confirm that it is an issue, and we will do what we can to resolve it for you guys so that you get your Gems.

@Negan @JuaniusGuerrero Since this issue was a direct result of the server issues, we’re unable to fix it for alliances with the problem. I’ve passed this onto support who will give you compensation for this issue.