4 corners of earth Looking 4 New Members

4corners of earth

Fairly new Alliance looking for new committed members that want to grow and have fun with our team.

Alliance Name: 4corners of earth

Alliance Level: 14

Language: English

Hero Lvl Req: 30

Trophy Req: 1000

Rank of General given to long loyal members. Please no Alliance jumpers!! We’re looking for a solid team to grow, learn, and rank some battles with.

Come Join!!!

{ Veep }

Still looking for a few more hero’s to play with. Requirements are flexible. :slight_smile:

Got some great new additions! Still a few open spots to complete our Alliance

Costruisci il tuo regno e conduci il tuo esercito alla vittoria!

Scarica Royal Revolt 2 sul tuo dispositivo mobile: www.royalrevolt.com/download

Avvia il gioco e ricevi una ricompensa EPICA inserendo questo codice amico: JMKHFMYHL

Wow… Feeling great to play with the Alliance…

Alliance already level 21… growing faster…

Currently blazing knight and power Archer boost activated… Will activate other boosts on demand… .

We need loyal, active players with minimum 50k donations…

Hey guys hurry up before it’s too late…

You will learn in many folds with us…

See you soon in Ally.

And 4 war boosts are also active currently… .

Hi Veep, keq here, can’t currently log in to the game there is a problem with the update. Hope to find a way.

That totally stinks keq. Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? I had to do that on my tablet bc it wouldn’t let me in?

4corners of earth 

Join our Alliance!  We are extremely active in wars and depend on reliable donations. Fun team, very vocal, and share strategy. 

Current Stats:

Alliance Level - 21

Rank: 1241

Active Elite Boots: 6 (3 continuous)

Past 3 War History: Sudden Skirmish - 2nd Place; Cruel Cannons - 1st Place; Otherworld Portals - 1st Place

Current War Standing: 2nd Place

We’re committed, competitive, and collaborative. Come Join Us  :wink:

{ Veep }

Can I join your alliance? I’m a newbie and I promise I’ll be active daily as I’m in love with the game. Hero level 11 in within 2 days. Please accept me.